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Three non-collinear points do not determine a unique spherical triangle.

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Q: Which set of points does not determine a spherical triangle?
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Is the set of points that lie on the plane of the triangle but does not include the points on the triangle?

The complement of the triangle in the plane.

A set of three points equidistant around a point is called an?


Can a set of three points correspond to more than one triangle?


How could you determine if a set of three numbers defines a right triangle?

If they are a Pythagorean triple then they will form a right angle triangle

What set of angles does not always add up to 180 degrees?

Any plane figure with more than three sides. Any spherical triangle.

The set of points in space that are a given distance from a given point is?

A spherical surface, with its center at the given point, and its radius equal to the given distance.

What are the set of points determine by an angle?

ang sagot ay itanong mo kay nash

How many edges and faces does a triangle have?

An edge is the set of points where two (or more) planes meet. Since a triangle must be in just one plane, it cannot have any edges. It has one face, which is part of the plane containing the triangle.

Is the sphere a solid shape?

In ordinary English, sphere can mean a solid or a hollow spherical shape. In mathematics, a sphere is the set of all points equidistant from a point (and thus not a solid). The terms "solid sphere" or "spherical solid" can be used as needed to avoid confusion.

How does the point scoring in golf work?

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The set of all points collinear to two points?

what is The set of all points collinear to two points?

Is a segment on infinitive set of points?

No, but is an infinite set of points.

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