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none of these

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Q: Does every mean add subtract multipy or divide?
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What is does operation mean in math?

add muliply subtract and divide

What does your dear ant sally in math terms mean?

Divide add subtract

Does difference mean subtract or divide?

You would use subtract to find the difference between values, by subtracting the lower value from the higher one.

What is 500x300 200?

I assume you mean 500x300/200. This would be 750. If you meant add or subtract, remember that you multiply, divide, add subtract in that order

Does evaluate mean to multiply?

No. It means to find the value of. That can mean multiply, add, subtract, divide or more complicated stuff.

Does how many mean add or subtract?

does how many mean add or subtract

When saying how much more does it mean add or subtract?

When it says how much more you would subtract the little number from the big number. Hope Im Helpful

Does of what number mean divide or multiply?

every number does that

How do you find percent deviation?

to find percent deviation you divide the average deviation into the mean then multiply by 100% . to get the average deviation you must subtract the mean from a measured value.

How do you do variance?

you have to first find the Mean then subtract each of the results from the mean and then square them. then you divide by the total amount of results and that gives you the variance. If you square root the variance you will get the standard deviation

What does the word calculation mean in maths?

Calculation means to do an operation such as add, subtract, multiply, divide, square or aquare root, etc. resulting in a numerical answer.

What is range and mean?

To get the range of a group of numbers you subtract the smaller number from the larger one The mean is the "average" for a group of numbers to get the mean you add all the numbers together. Then divide that number by the number in the group.