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Q: Does every multiplication fact has two division fact?
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If a fact family has only two multiplication and division sentences what do you know about the product and dividend?

If a fact family has only 2 multiplication nd division sentences, what do you know about the product and divident?

Which will come first multiplication or division?

They have equal priority and are evaluated left to right. In fact, the US PEMDAS puts multiplication first whereas the UK BIDMAS puts division first. The only way to reconcile the two is equal priority.

What is different between multiplication and division of vector by a number?

There is no real difference between the two operations. Division by a scalar (a number) is the same as multiplication by its reciprocal. Thus, division by 14 is the same as multiplication by (1/14).

What does rate compare two quantities by division or multiplication?

Rate is a comparison based on division.

Is zero a multiplication fact?

No. A multiplication fact contains two factors being multiplied, like 0x8 or 7x6.

Can two negatives make positive?

They can if the binary operation is multiplication or division.

When do two negatives make a positive?

Two negatives make a positive in multiplication and division

What multiplication fact equals two-hundered-eighty-two?

One such fact is: 2 x 141 = 282

What are addition subtraction multiplication and division?

addition means when you add two or more numbers together.+ subtraction means you subtract two or more numbers together.- multiplication means when you mutiply two one, or more digit numbers together.x division means when you divide two numbers together./

Why does the quotient and product of two nonzero integers have the same sign?

Those are the rules of multiplication (and division).

How many half inches are in 432 inches?

Division by a number is the same as multiplication by its reciprocal (or inverse). So, division by a half is the same as multiplication by 1/half or two. Thus, the answer is 432 / (1/2) = 432*2 = 864

Addition and subtraction are best called opperations?

Yes and the other two basic operations are multiplication and division