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Q: Does graphite have a two dimensional layered structure?
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What 2 forms of carbon are found in nature?

Diamond and Graphite are the two pure forms of carbon

How can diamond and graphite both be carbon?

This is because the carbon atoms are arranged differently in diamond and graphite. In a diamond, the carbon atoms are in a three dimensional crystal lattice structure. In graphite, the carbon atoms are arranged in a two dimensional sheet.

Graphite is useful as a lubricant because it contains only a carbon-carbon bonds b the hydrogen bonding strengthens its molecular structure c its two-dimensional sheet d its two-dimensional sheets?

its two dimensional sheets

What are two carbon minerals and how do they differ?

Two carbon minerals are diamond and graphite. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance, consisting of a three-dimensional crystal structure with tightly bonded carbon atoms. Graphite, on the other hand, has a layered structure with weakly bonded layers that easily slide over each other, making it soft and slippery.

Does both graphite and diamond contains carbon?

Graphite and diamond both are compounds of carbon. These are allotropes of carbon. Graphite has a layered, planar structure. In each layer, the carbon atoms are arranged in a hexagonal lattice with separation of 0.142 nm, and the distance between planes is 0.335 nm.[6] The two known forms of graphite are, alpha(hexagonal) and beta (rhombohedral).A diamond is a transparent crystal of tetrahedral bonded carbon atoms (sp3) that crystallizes into the diamond lattice which is a variation of the face centered cubic structure.

What do graphite and diamonds have in common?

Both Diamond and Graphite are the formation of Carbon Atoms, Graphite is black and posseses dull appearance while diamond is Transparent and posseses shiny appearance, Diamond is a Hard Rock while Graphite is comparatively softer.

Does graphite contain crystals?

A2. Graphite is an allotrope of Carbon, and has a crystal form of regular hexagons arranged in a two dimensional sheet.A1. no because it is a rock that has been thinned to be made into our led that we use to write

What data structure should be used to make tables?

Two dimensional arrays.

What is a projection formula?

A projection formula shows a three-dimensional (3-D) structure in a two-dimensional (2-D) form. It portrays the structure of the compound in a plane that consists of symbols that represent atoms.

What causes the secondary structure of protein to differ in length from the primary?

The primary structure is a one or two dimensional structure, whereas the secondary structure is a three dimensional structure in which different parts of the protein molecule bend and twist due to the formation of hydrogen bonds between atoms. This makes the secondary structure shorter than the primary structure.

What is 3d array?

Three dimensional arrays are basically multiple two dimensional arrays layered on top of each other.Three dimensional arrays have many uses ex. mapping 3d graphics, calendars (where days are the columns, the weeks are the rows and the months are the layers), or paging methods for reports and recordsets.

Is a triangle two dimensional or three dimensional?