Does liquid have length

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Does liquid have length
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What unit of measurement is used for measuring liquid mass and length?

Liquid mass is measured in grams/kilograms. A liquid cannot have a length.

What do you use to measure liquid length?

we don't use length. we use liter.

What are the base units in the metric system for distance or length volume or liquid and weight?

Distance or length : metreVolume of liquid: cubic metre or litre Weight: newton.

Does the focal length of mirror changes if it is immersed in liquid?

No. Light behaves the same way in the liquid as it would in the air (as far as reflection is concerned, so the focal length of a mirror would not change if it were immersed in liquid.

How many millimetres of liquid in one pint?

No millimetres, - that is a measure of length.

Why are they called millimeters and not milliliters?

meters is length measurements and litres is liquid.

How many people does a pint serve?

a pint is a measurement of liquid, not length.

How many litters are in a yard?

litters are liquid mesurement and yards are length mesurements

9 L equals how many cm?

You cannot convert liquid to length.

Is pint a unit of measurement of length?

No - It is a unit of measurement of liquid quantity or volume

How long is a litre?

a liter is typically used to measure liquid and so does not have a length.

What is the size of a centiliter?

You can not measure the volume of a liquid with a measurement designed to determine length. A centiliter is a measurement of volume, or the amount of space that a liquid can consume inside an object. A centimeter, would be a measurement of length and a centigram is a measurement of mass (weight).