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No. Light behaves the same way in the liquid as it would in the air (as far as reflection is concerned, so the focal length of a mirror would not change if it were immersed in liquid.

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Q: Does the focal length of mirror changes if it is immersed in liquid?
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Will focal length of a plane mirror change when placed in water?

Nope.. because mirror doesn't forms images by following laws of refraction they follows laws of reflection. consider a plane immersed in the liquid, obviously beam of light will bend(refraction of the liquid) but when it reaches the surface it simply reflects back(laws of reflection) thus the condition will be again satisfied Angle i=Angle r. only in case of lens it changes(By lens maker's formula)

Why the focal length of concave mirror changes in water?

I don't think so. The focal length would remain the same. It mainly depends on the radius of curvature of the mirror.

Does the image formed by a concave mirror changes depending on the focal length of the mirror?

Yes its like a normal mirror close up but furthur back it is upside down.

What is a focal length of a plane mirror?

Focaal length for plane mirror is 0

Why do images in a concave mirror appear inverted?

If an object's distance from the concave mirror is greater than the mirror's focal length, then the mirror image of it will be inverted. If the distance from the concave mirror is less than the focal length of the mirror, the image will not be inverted. No image will be produced if the distance from the mirror to the object is equal to the mirror's focal length.

How can a rough value of the focal length of a concave mirror be obtained?

rough focal length of concave mirror

What happens to the energy in a substance as in condenses?

A substance condenses when it changes from a gas to a liquid. This is why we call the water you get on the bathroom mirror after taking a shower condensation - because its actually water vapour from the hot water that has then cooled down on the cool mirror.

Why does the focal length of a mirror not depend on the mirror material when the focal length of a lens does depend on the lens material?

The focal length for a mirror is determined by the law of reflection from the mirror surface. This law is not governed by the material that the mirror is made by. This means that the focal length depends only on the radius and curvature. Conversely, the focal length of a lens depends on the indices of refraction of the lens meterial and the surrounding medium.

What is the hidden meaning behind the brainteaser mirror?

Full Length Mirror

How tall mirror do you need to see your body full length?

That will depend upon your focal length--how far your eye is from the mirror. At a useful focal length the mirror can only be a few inches shorter than the subject.

Is the mirror solid or liquid?


Where can I find a white full length mirror?

You can find a white full length mirror at Walmart or Target. Also you might could find a while full length mirror at Marshall's and possibly The Christmas Tree Shop.