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Nope... -2 divided by -2 is equal to 1

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Q: Does negative 2 over negative 2 equal neg 2?
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Does a negative and a positive make a negative?

yes, 1 neg. + 1 pos. = neg. 2 neg. = pos.

Does a negative number times a negative equal a neg answer?

No, a negative number times a negative number will equal a positive answer. e.g. -2 x-2 = 4 (a positive 4) e.g. -3 x -3 = 9 (positive)

When you subtract a negative from a negative does it make it positive?

There's no general rule. The result could be positive and it could also be negative. It depends on how big both numbers are. (neg 5) minus (neg 7) = pos 2 (neg 5) minus (neg 3) = neg 2

Is the charge of an electron negative one or negative 2?

It is neg 1.

What is negative -k plus negative -k if k equals 2?

neg(-k) + neg(-k) = k + k = 2k = 4

Which is smaller negative 2 and one fifth or negative 2.3?

Neg 2.3

What is negative 2 over 8 simplified?

Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

How rare is B negative blood?

Only 2% of the people have B neg. blood. They can give blood to B neg people only. Can receive O neg. if needed. B Neg. is best. It's the newest blood group known and was develope over time for higher alatues.

What does negative 3 over 4 divided by negative 1 over 2 equal to?

-3/4 ÷ -1/2 = 11/2 or 1.5

What is negative two-thirds minus two?

neg 2 and two thirds -2 2/3 in a mixed number the neg sign is for both the whole number and the fraction

What does negative 3 and positive four over negative 6 equal?

-3 and 2/3

What is two over negative nine simplified to?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/-9 is equal to -(2/9) or negative 2 over 9.