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-3 and 2/3

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Q: What does negative 3 and positive four over negative 6 equal?
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What is negative 8 over 2 simplified?

Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

What is negative twenty over four equal to?


Does the variable a with the exponent negative n equal 1 over a with the exponent of a positive n?


A over nine equals -4?

One over nine is not equal to negative four. 1/9 is equivalent to 0.11111.

Can O negative and a positive produce O positive?

Yes. O positive is dominant over O negative.

Is sixteen over negative eleven a positive or negative slope?

A positive number divided by a negative number is negative. The same happens if you divide a negative number by a positive number - the result will also be negative.yes

Does cos x equal cos negative x?

Yes. Cosine is adjacent side over hypothenuse. Adjacent side is the same sign when x is positive or negative.

What is Thomson theory?

An atom consists of a sphere of positive charge with negatively charged electron embedded in it,The positive and the negative charges in an atom are equal in magnitude, due to which an atom is electrically neutral. It has no over all negative or positive charge.

What is negative 2 over 3 times negative 2 over 3?

positive 4 over 9

What is eight over negative two?

negative four is

Is nonlinear positive or negative?

Nonlinear can be only positive or only negative, or switch between the two over its domain.

What does 90 over negative 3 equal?

negative 30

Is negative four fifths equivalent to negative four over negative five?

Yes the negatives cancel each other out

Why is the product of a negative number and a positive number negative?

In math, a product is the result of multiplying. Multiplication is distributive over positive and negative numbers, which means, when a negative number is multiplied by a positive number, it always yields a negative result.

What does four over four equal?


What does a positive number multiplied by a negative number equal?

A negative times a positive equals a negative. For example 2 x -16=-32 A negative times a negative equals a positive For example -2 x -16=32 A positive times a positive equals a positive For example 2 x 16=32 Remember that this rule only applies to multiplication and it doesn't matter if the smaller number has the negative sign or the bigger number has the negative sign; It will still be a negative. Also remember that it doesn't matter whether its a negative times a positive or a positive times a negative ; It remains a negative regardless of the order of the signs. Lastly remember that a negative times a negative will always be a positive and a positive times a positive will always be a positive. For example -2 x 105=-210 105 x -2=-210 2 x -105=-210 -105 x 2=-210 105 x 2 =210 -105 x -2 =210 So this means that a negative times a positive will always equal a negative, a negative times a negative will always equal a positive, and a positive times a positive will always equal a positive. Now if you were dealing with more than two numbers with both negative and positive signs, the easiest way to know whether the answer will come up as a negative or positive is to imagine two negative signs merging into a positive sign and any remaining negative sign that does have another negative sign to pair with remains a negative;You can only combine negative signs in pairs(for example -2 x -2 x -2=4 x -2=-8).Now if you have a situation where you were able to pair up all of the negative signs into positives signs and have no negative signs left over, then the answer will be a positive (for example -2 x -2 x -2 x -2 x 2=16 x 2=32).

What is negative 3 over 7 times negative 14 over 15?

positive 0.4 (or 2/5)

Is the product of 21 negative numbers and 23 positive numbers a positive number or a negative number?

It is a negative number, because every pair of negative factors makes a positive, and you have 10 pairs plus one left over.

How do you change negative powers to positive?

You take away the negative sign and put 1 over the base with the (now positive) exponent. Example: x to the negative 2 becomes 1 over x to the 2nd.

What is another way to write four over negative one?

Negative 4 over one, or simply negative 4.

Is four over eight less than two over four?

no it is equal

What is four over seven equal to?

Four sevenths

Is 5 to the negative 2 power positive or negative?

it is a positive fraction 5^-2=1 over 5^2 answer is 1 over 25

Does negative 2 over negative 2 equal neg 2?

Nope... -2 divided by -2 is equal to 1

What is negative 7 over 8 plus 3 over 4 equal?

it equals negative 1/8