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Q: Does one cup of salt weigh more than a cup of milk?
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Does milk weigh more than cooking oil?

no becouse

Why does milk weigh more than water?

Because it's either denser or more dense. How do you pronounce it?

Does frozen milk weigh more than non frozen?

The act of freezing a volume of milk will not increase or decrease the total weight.

Does water weigh more than salt?

It depends on the quantity. A drop of water weighs less than a sack of salt. Conversely, a pinch of salt weighs less than a tubful of water.

Would skim milk weigh less than whole milk?

Nope. Fat is lighter than water. And, since skim milk has less fat, it has more water and that makes it weight more. Or as scientists say: it has more density.

Can even just a pinch of salt retain the freshness of milk?

No. You'd have to add considerably more than a pinch to have a salt concentration high enough to help preserve milk.

Does milk weigh more than water?

The density of [cow's] milk varies, depending on the fat content, but is always just slightly greater than the density of water.

Does 6 pounds and 15 ounces weigh more or less than a gallon of milk?

A US gallon of milk is approximately 8.4 pounds.

How much does a cup of milk weigh?

1 cup of milk (8 fluid ounces) weighs slightly more than 8 ounces (avoirdupois).

Does sugar dissolve faster in milk than salt?


What weighs more a gallon of milk or a pound of flour?

A gallon of milk. Milk is denser than water, and water is 1kg per litre. Since 1 pound is equal to 0.45359237 kg, and a gallon is much more than a litre, a gallon of milk must weigh more than a pound. A gallon of milk weighs 8.6 pounds, 860% the weight of a pound of flour.

What weighs more - a gallon of water or a gallon of milk?

At 20 oC or 293 K or 68 oF, the densities of water and raw milk are 0.998 and 1.03 g/cm3 respectively. As the density of raw milk is slightly more than that of water, 1 gallon of milk will weigh slightly more than 1 gallon of water. However, for practical purposes, it can be considered that, both will weigh the same (as the densities are almost the same).

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