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It's closer to one half.

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Q: Does one third round to 0 or to one half?
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What is between 0 and a half?

one quarter, third, fifth, eighth and so on ps CHEESE FO LLAMAS

What is one - half minus one - half in math?

0 1.5-1.5=0

If you scored o point in one round then 38 in the second round and 13 in the third round what is your average of points a round?

total of values _______________=answer( average ) number of values 0+38+13 ________ 3 =51 ____ 3 =17

How do round a fraction to the nearest half?

if the number after the first number after the decimal is 1-4, round it to 0. If it is 5-9, round it one higher number. EX: 4.56 rounds to 5.00, and 4.54 rounds to 4.50. They mostly round up to the nearest half number (like you said). It's not that hard to round numbers.

Is 2 sevenths closest to 1 0 or one half?

one half

How do you round 2.66 rounded to the nearest hundred?

Round it to the nearest one (3) and then round that down to 0.

Is 5 over 9 closer to 0 one half or one?

It is closer to one half.

Is one eighth inch closest to 0 inches half or 1?

If 0, half or 1 refers to inches, the answer is 0.

What is one an half minus one an half?


Does seven over fifteen round to one half or zero?

7/15 is closer to 1/2 than it is 0. so it rounds to 1/2.

Is one ninth closer to 0 half or whole?

my answer is it closer to 0

What is one half of zero?

Zero. 0.5*0=0 -62,754,355,231,948,535,375.11111111112

Is nine tenths cloer to 0 or half or one?


What is One third of the way from 0 to 36?


What is one third into a decimal?

0.33333333333333333333... 0.(3)

What is one third of your weekly salary?

0. I do not have a salary.

Is 2-6 as a fraction closer to 0 or one half?

It is closer to a half.

Would you round 0.172 to 1 or 0?

you should round to 0

What is half of 1?

0 and 1/2 which can also be written as 0.5 or One half

What is the correct decimal notation for one third?


What is half of zero?

half of 0 is .0

Is negative one equal to negative one third?

One-third is one divided by three. One-third lies between 0 and 1 on the number-line Similarly.... Negative one-third is negative one divided by three. It lies between -1 and 0 on the number-line. So no, -1 and -1/3 are not equal.

Is one fourth closer to the benchmark fraction 0 or the benchmark fraction one half?

1/4 is exactly half way between 0 and 1/2.

What number can you subtract half from to obtain a result that is zero?

The wording is ambiguous. If the questions means, "From what number can you subtract one-half to get a result of zero?" then the answer is one-half. (1/2) - (1/2) = 0 If the question means, "From what number can you subtract half of the number to get a result of zero?" then the answer is zero. 0 - (1/2)0 = 0

Is one half closer to 0 or 1?

neither exactly half way between both

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Is one third closer to a half or zero?

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