Does pi equal 180 degrees

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No, pi is a ratio, often simplified as 22/7, used to calculate areas of circles, etc.

So, the area of a circle is pi times r2, where r = the radius of the circle.

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Q: Does pi equal 180 degrees
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What is the angle of 180 degrees?

if 360 degrees is equal to 2 Pi (3.14...) so 180 degrees is equal to 1 PI or just Pi

What is the pi radian is equal to how many degrees?


How many degrees are equal to a Pi radian?


What is a radian equal to?

A radian is 180/pi degrees, or about 57 degrees

How do you convert radians to degree?

pi = 3.14 pi rad = pi * 1 randian 360 degrees = 2pi rads 180 degrees = pi rads rads = (degree * pi) / 180 degrees = (rad * pi) / 180 If pi rad = 180 degrees, the 1 rad must = 180/pi If pi rad = 180 degrees, then 1 degree must = pi rads / 180 Keep following through.

How do you convert degrees into radians?

There is no word such as raduis. The nearest word that makes the question sensible is radians. To convert degrees to radians you multiply by pi/180. That is,d degrees = d*(pi/180) radians.

What is 240 degrees in terms of pi?

pi = 180 degrees 240 degrees = 240/180 time pi = 4 pi/3

1 radian is equal to what?

180/pi, just over 57 degrees.

What is difference of the symbol of pi' and 'pi radian'?

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, about 3.14159. Pi radians is equal to 180 degrees.

How do you convert degrees to radiant?

Multiply degrees by (pi/180) to get radians. Multiply radians by (180/pi) to get degrees.

How to determine theta in degrees if theta equals 0.33PI?

degrees = pi/180 180 degrees = pi .33pi = .33 times 180 = 60 degrees

Why pie is equal 180degree?

On a circle, the "half-way" mark, is 180 degrees. That, in radians, is pi. The entire circle is 360 degrees or 2 pi.

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