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pi = 180 degrees

240 degrees = 240/180 time pi = 4 pi/3

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Q: What is 240 degrees in terms of pi?
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What is 30 degrees in terms of pi?

I assume you want to convert from degrees to radians. To convert from degrees to radians, you multiply by (pi / 180).

What is 83 degrees in terms of pi?

83 deg = 83*pi/180 = 0.4611... * pi radians or 1.4486 radians.

What is 345 degrees in terms of pi?

If you're talking about converting degrees to radians, then 23/12*(pi) radians.

Can we take theta in terms of degree?

Pi radians is 180 degrees. So if you have theta in radians, multiply by 180/Pi

What does pi x 1.752 x 240 equal?

pi x 1.75200 x 240 = 1,320.97688

What is 240 degrees Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit?

240 degrees Celsius = 464 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is 240 degrees c to degrees f?

240 degrees Celsius = 464 degrees Fahrenheit

What does half turn mean in math terms?

It means a rotation of pi radians (180 degrees).

How many degrees are in pi?

There are no degrees in pi, it is a ratio.

What is the difference between degree measure and radian measure?

Radians are measured in terms of pi. Pi = 3.14 (or 180 degrees), so 1 degree = Pi/180 or 0.017 radians. To convert from radians to degrees divide by pi and multiply by 180. For example, 4.71 radians (3Pi/2 in terms of Pi) would be 270 degrees. Reference: Unit Circle hope this article will answer your question. Happy Math

What is 240 degrees in radian measure?

240 degrees is about 4.188 radians.

How much is 240 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

240 degrees Fahrenheit = 115.56 degrees Celsius.

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