Does plus minus mean plus

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Same mathematical signs equal plus

Different mathematical signs equal minus

Plus Plus = Plus (+)(+) = +

Minus Minus = Plus (-)(-) = +

Plus Minus = Minus (+)(-) = -

Minus Plus = Minus (-)(+) = -

So the direct answer to your question would be: plus minus equals minus

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Q: Does plus minus mean plus
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Related questions

What does a plus with a minus under it mean math?

A plus with a minus under it means "plus or minus" in math.

What does the plus over the minus sign mean?

plus or minus. You see it often with square roots. The square root of 9 is plus or minus 3.

How do i construct a 99 confidence interval?

Mean plus or minus 1.95 SEM. Mean minus 1,95 SEM to Man plus 1,95 SEM.

What is a plus and a plus if a plus and a minus is a minus?

A plus + a plus is a plus.

What plus and minus signs mean in correlation mean?

They equal a minus and two +'s or two -'s equal a + :)

What does a minus plus a minus equal9?

A minus plus a minus will give a sum with a minus also.

What does a plus with a line under it mean?

It means the answe is either plus or minus

What is 000 plus 777888778?

Depends what you mean by plus. If you mean minus, then you should have said so. If not, then good.

What is the additive of -4?

If you mean the ADDITIVE INVERSE, change the minus sign to a plus sign. (And if you see a plus sign, you change it to a minus sign.)

Does a minus times a minus equal a plus?

Yes it does. A minus is the opposite of something, so the minus of a minus is a plus.

Translate eyeglass prescription to reading glasses power?

if the prescription begins with a minus, add the plus to the minus for the reading glass prescription. if the prescription begins with a plus, add the plus to the plus. Is this what you mean?

Calculate the following 7 - -2 equals?

A minus and a minus makes a plus A plus and a plus makes a plus A minus and a plus or plus and a minus makes a minus 7 - -2 is a minus and a minus Therefore the answer is 7 + 2 = 9

Why is minus into minus a plus?

Because both minus signs to be cut therefore minus * minus will be treated as plus numbers

What does a plus and and minus make?

= a minus

What is 87892-937 plus 582786 minus 51782697 plus 589 minus 286890 plus 24519 plus 2804524 plus 758946 minus 245189452 plus 038 minus 9709582 minus 045 plus 5-803?

It is a problem that can be easily resolved with a calculator.

When you square a minus number does it stay a minus?

No, it becomes a plus, since minus x minus = plus

What does a minus and a plus equal?

a minus and a plus equal a minus number yeh dude

What is sum plus or minus?

It is another way to say approximately. If you say, 345.5 is the sum, plus or minus, you mean that 345.5 is not the exact answer, but close enough for the situation.

What is purple minus red plus yellow minus blue plus red minus yellow plus blue?


Why is minus plus minus equal to a positive number?

A minus plus a minus is not necessarily positive. A minus multiplied by a minus is. The reason being that the minus of a minus is a positive. It's a double negative.

If you have a product of two numbers and you find the product of the opposites of the numbers you get the same result.?

yes. An opposite number is the negative of a positive number, for example -5 and +5 are opposite numbers. Since minus x plus is minus and plus x minus is minus and plus x plus is plus and minus x minus is plus then the product of opposites is the same.

What is minus minus?

A plus

What is -22 plus (-7)?


Why is the product of a positive integer and a negative integer a negative integer?

I honestly don't know :D but heres something to help you "MULTIPLICATION: minus times minus is plus (negative x negative = positive).....minus times plus is minus (negative x positive = negative) times plus is plus (positive x positive = positive) DIVISION: minus divi minus is plus (negative ÷ negative = positive)......minus divi plus is minus (negative ÷ positive = negative) divi plus is plus (positive ÷ positive = positive)"

Plus minus negative?

Plus minus negative equals plus + plus because the negatives cancel out.