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Mean plus or minus 1.95 SEM. Mean minus 1,95 SEM to Man plus 1,95 SEM.

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Q: How do i construct a 99 confidence interval?
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Is a 95 percent confidence interval for a mean wider than a 99 percent confidence interval?

No, it is not. A 99% confidence interval would be wider. Best regards, NS

If you have a 99 confidence interval what would your confidence level and alpha for it be?

Confidence level 99%, and alpha = 1%.

What is the Z value for 99 percent confidence interval estimation?


Difference between 95 percent and 99 percent confidence interval?


Which statistics are used to construct a confidence interval?

The parameters of the underlying distribution, plus the standard error of observation.

Why confidence interval useful?

Why confidence interval is useful

When the sample size and sample standard deviation remain the same a 99 percent confidence interval for a population mean will be narrower than the 95 percent confidence interval for the mean?


What happens to the confidence interval if you increase the confidence level?

The confidence interval becomes wider.

99 percent confidence interval Population mean 24.4 to 38.0 find the mean sample?

if the confidence interval is 24.4 to 38.0 than the average is the exact middle: 31.2, and the margin of error is 6.8

What Confidence interval is 0.05 alpha?

how are alpha and confidence interval related

When population distribution is right skewed is the interval still valid?

You probably mean the confidence interval. When you construct a confidence interval it has a percentage coverage that is based on assumptions about the population distribution. If the population distribution is skewed there is reason to believe that (a) the statistics upon which the interval are based (namely the mean and standard deviation) might well be biased, and (b) the confidence interval will not accurately cover the population value as accurately or symmetrically as expected.

What z value is associated with the 99 percent confidence interval?

2.326 (one sided) or 2.578 (two sided)

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