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Negative and Positive it depends on how you look at it. But mostly negative.

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Q: Does rap hhave a negative or positive influence on teens?
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How does positive and negative peer pressure influence tobbaco use among teens?

positively or negatively.

Does television have a positive influence on society?

Yes television have negative things that kids, and teens are watching in tv.

Why do parents focus on the negative aspect of teens?

Parents focus on the negative aspect of teens because the positive aspects don't need improvement

Does rap music have a negative influence on teens?

Some people think it does due to the sterotypical nature of the music and the way teenagers respond to it. There seems to be a large amount of hate and voilence in rap music, so I believe that it does have a negative influence.

Will online high schooling have a negative or positive effect on today's teens?

Online high schooling will most likely have a negative affect on today's teens because they will not have anyone to hold them accountable for their actions. There will be more time wasted with no supervision which may lead to a lower graduation rate.

Who does marijuana influence?

Young teens

What ways does hip- hop influence teens?

Hey. So hip-hop can influence teens in good ways, or bad ways. Just like any music can. So just keep an eye on your teens!

Does Country Influence Teens Today?

Yes, any type of music has the power to influence anyone.

What is the influence of fashion on teens?

i am a teen my self and our influence it the media and other people around us

How many teens are Aid positive in Texas?


Which statement about teens and negative moods is false?

Boys report experiencing more negative moods than girls.

Does celebrities doing drugs influence teens to try them?


Which statements about peer influence and teens is false?

Peers have the most influence on important issues such as making decisions about post-secondary schools.

How common is HIV positive teens in NY?

69 Percent

What are some positive choices that teens can make?

One choice teens can make is that to not have sex when they aren't married, and then when they get pregnant, have abortion!

Could rhetorical have a positive or negative effect on an audience?

Rhetoric can have both a negative and positive affect on the audience depending on the subject being discussed and the education level of the audience. For example I would never go into to a long rhetorical dissertation about creationism to an audience of teens and children or people who have no clue about creationism. It can be positive if it is used to stretch the think and logical reasoning of the audience, such as in a classroom or lecture room. The idea of rhetoric is not to confuse but to introduce a point and come to a conclusion. If you confuse your audience you have cause a negative effect of confusion of the listener.

Do durgs negatively influence teens?

yea,b/c of the nicoteen

Which influence do many teens credit for their ability to resist tobacco?


What can be a strong influence on teens' decisions about smoking?

Peera, families, and Media

How gadets influence teenagers?

gadgets help teens by stimulating their brain

What is the rating of happy feet?

Happy Feet (in my book) is rated -5 (that is a negative not a positive) because frankly, who wants to watch a movie about a dancing penguin? Not children, tweens, teens, or adults. It was a fail of a movie.

How can teens say no to drugs?

they can try to stay away from people that gives peer preasure and influence them to do wrong....... cuz teens will follow what there friend do

What are some statistics on positive peer pressure?

30% of teens are teenagers

Is Georgia groome pregnant?

I do not believe she is pregnant. She is only in her teens. I am NOT positive.

Are old people in the most car accidents?

No, male teens from 15-20 are. No, male teens from 15-20 are. as of April 2009 Yes i agree with the above^^ teens are as they are more likely to be under the influence where as the older generation are not likely to be under the influence

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