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Q: What percentage of teens have curfews?
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Should malls have curfews for teens?

no why because just because

What are some good reasons that teens have curfews?

Because it 's better for them.

Are curfews good for teens under the age of 16?

Absolutely, yes!

What are the statistics for teen curfews?

about 90% of all teens have a curfew in america.

How do curfews help teens?

It helps you whippersnappers to get controll well that awnser does nobody anygood...but i did get a chuckle out of it... but to awnser this question ive found that teens dont like curfews while their a teen but as they get older the start to apresiate it.

Does curfews help teens get out of trouble?

Curfews can provide structure and limit opportunities for teens to engage in risky behaviors during late hours. However, the effectiveness of curfews in keeping teens out of trouble may vary depending on factors such as enforcement, communication, and support from parents and community resources. It's essential to combine curfews with open communication, clear expectations, and positive reinforcement to help teens stay safe and make responsible choices.

Why are curfews safe for teens?

11:34 Because it gives them a sence of responsibility. It teaches them the responsibility they are going to need when they get a job, how will they arrive on time for there job when they can not even respect a curfew, and because the curfews are for their safety too.

Should teens be allowed to have curfews?

yes i think they should other wise they will stay out all night and go WILD

Which appeal opposing teen driving curfews would you target to members of Congress?

Teens drive to jobs and contribute to the national economy.

Do curfews keep teen out of trouble?

no .curfews do not keep teens from going over der limit! speak from personal experiences:} !!! im a teen myslef if u ddnt notice lolz but yeh dey do not keep teens from der curfews lolz but either way a teen will try and find many many ways to go over der limits espically if dey have any relationship wid a bf or gf experinced as well! lolz TOTS HILLAR

Use the word impugn in a sentence?

She impugned his honesty by suggesting that he had stolen the money.

What is the percentage of male teens cheating?

40% of male teens cheat.