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It can have multiple peaks, but most symmetrical distributions do not.

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Q: Does symmetrical distribution have multiple peaks?
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Does a symmetrical distribution have a variation?

Yes. The distribution can be compact (centred tightly around the mean) or spread out. It can have a peak in the centre or two peaks at each end, or other variations.

Give an example of symmetrical distribution in statistics?

example of symmetrical distribution

The mean of a symmetrical distribution is 40What is its median?

for symmetrical distributions your mean equals the median. that is one of the properties of the symmetrical distribution.

Are the mean median and the mode the same in a unimodal symmetrical distribution?

No they are not the same in a unimodal symmetrical distribution and they will never be

Are all symmetric distribution are normal?

No. The binomial distribution (discrete) or uniform distribution (discrete or continuous) are symmetrical but they are not normal. There are others.

Is cf4 with symmetrical distribution?

It is nonpolar w/ symmetrical distribution, the central carbon atom has four fluorine atoms arranged tetrahedrally around it.

Which shape describes a Poisson distribution?


What is true regarding the normal distribution?

It is symmetrical

Can a distribution be symmetrical and non-normal?


In a perfectly symmetrical bell-shaped normal distribution?

Normal distribution is a perfectly symmetrical bell-shaped normal distribution. The bell curve is used to find the median, mean and mode of a function.

Can the mean be equal to the median?

Yes, and they WILL be if the distribution is symmetrical.

Is chi-square distribution symmetrical about mean value?