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It is symmetrical

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Q: What is true regarding the normal distribution?
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True or False are the mean median and mode all equal for a normal distribution?

True. You can find many references including wikipedia on the Normal distribution on the internet.

Normal distribution it is always true that mean equals median equals mode?

Yes- this can be proved from the normal distribution function.

Is it true that the curve for the normal distribution is symmetrical in respect to the mean?

yes it is true

Are these true of normal probability distribution IIt is symmetric about the mean TTotal area under the normal distribution curve is equal to 1 DDistribution is totally described by two quantities?

Yes, it is true; and the 2 quantities that describe a normal distribution are mean and standard deviation.

In the standard normal distribution the variance is always 1?


Is total area under a normal distribution finite?

Yes, and is equal to 1. This is true for normal distribution using any mean and variance.

If a probability distribution curve is bell-shaped then this is a normal distribution?

True * * * * * No. The Student's t-distribution, for example, is also bell shaped.

Is it true some normal probability distributions are positively skewed?

No. The Normal distribution is symmetric: skewness = 0.

True or False If the population distribution is unknown in most cases the sampling distribution of the mean can be approximated by the normal dist. if the samples contain at least 30 observations.?


Is it true that a normal distribution curve is symmetric about the mean?

yup, it's a bell curve

What is the difference between a normal distribution and the standard normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution is a normal distribution with mean 0 and variance 1.

What is the difference of a normal distribution and a stardard normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution is a special case of the normal distribution. The standard normal has mean 0 and variance 1.