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No. The base is a hexagon.

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Q: Does the base of a hexagonal pyramid have 10 sides?
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If the base of a pyramid has 10 sides how many edges does the pyramid have?


If the base of a pyramid has 10 sides how many vertices's does the pyramid have?

1110 on the base, 1 at the top.

How many faces does a nonagonal pyramid have?

There are 10 sides : 9 sides and the nonagonal base.

How many faces would a pyramid with a 10 sided base have?

11 10 sides meeting up at the top and then the base

How many corners for a decagonal pyramid?

A pyramid has one more corner and faces than the number of sides in its base; thus a decagonal pyramid has 10 + 1 = 11 faces and corners. A pyramid has twice as many edges as sides in its base; thus a decagonal pyramid has 2 X 10 = 20 edges.

How many sides does a nonagonal pyramid have?

A ___ pyramid is a pyramid with ___ as its base. In this case, we have a nonagon, a nine-sided polygon, as the base. So, if you imagine each edge of the nonagon as having one triangular side coming off of it, and all of the triangular sides meeting at a point over the base, you then have 9 sides, one for each edge, plus the base itself - 10 sides total.

What is a shape with 6 vertices and 10 edges?

A pentagonal pyramid (5 sides and 1 base) has 6 faces, 6 vertices, and 10 edges (5 between the sides and 5 with the base).

How many facesverticesedges do a pyramid have?

A pyramid has at least four faces (a triangular base, with three triangular faces converging at an apex). However, the base of the pyramid can be any polygon.Given a base of n sides, the pyramid will have n+1 faces, n+1 vertices, and 2n sides.Thus a pyramid on a pentagonal base would have 6 faces (the base, plus one triangle touching each side of the base), 6 vertices, and 10 sides.

How many faces vertices and edges does a hexagonal prism oCtagonal prism n-gonal prism triangular pyramid rectangular pyramid pentagonal pyramid hexagonal pyramid n-gonal pyramid?

Name Edges, Faces, VerticesHexagonal Prism 18, 8, 12Octagonal Prism 24, 10, 16A prism with an n-sided base will have 2nvertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges.Triangular Pyramid 6, 4, 4Rectangular Pyramid 8, 5, 5Pentagonal Pyramid 10, 6, 6Hexagonal Pyramid 12, 7, 7A pyramid with an n-sided base will have n + 1 vertices, n + 1 faces, and 2n edges.

What 3D shape has eight sides?

an octagonal prism * * * * * No. An octagonal prism has 10 faces. Some of the possible solutions are: A heptagon based pyramid, A hexagonal prism, A rectangular based dipyramid.

What is the shape of the sides of pentagonal pyramid?


What is the volume of a square pyramid with base sides 10 cm long and a height of 6 cm?

Volume = 1/3*10*10*6 = 200 cubic cm

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