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Q: Does the capital letter D have parallel lines?
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What capital letters appears to have parallel lines Is it D or L or N or it is T?

It is the capital letter N that has vertical parallel lines.

What letter from the alphabet is a parallel line segment?

Take your choice from: H, Z. N and M which all have parallel lines.

Can 2 non intersecting lines be parallel in 2 D?

In 2D geometry, that is the definition of parallel lines. Two non-intersecting lines are indeed parallel.

When are two lines non intersecting?

parallel :D

Does D have parallel lines?

No but it does have an horizontal line of symmetry

Are lines with three dimensions which do not intersect are not parallel?

Non-intersecting lines in 3-D space may be parallel but need not be.

What is perpendicular an d parallel lines?

Perpendicular lines intersect at a 90 degree angle. Parallel lines do not intersect, nor would they ever intersect if continued infinitely.

What are lines that go on foever and never cross?

In 2-dimensional space they must be parallel. In 3-d space they be parallel or skew lines I believe.

Is a rectangle parelel?

No: lines can be parallel and two (or more) rectangles in 3-d space can be parallel but a rectangle, by itself, cannot be parallel.

How many capital letters have parallel lines?

It depends on the font used, but 8 letters of the Latin alphabet have parallel lines:B D E F H M N ZWith some fonts, you can add R and I

What capital letters don't have parallel lines?

A b c d g j k l o p q r s t u v w x y.

Which best describes skew lines?

Skew lines can simply be described as two lines that are not coplanar (they are not in the same plane). This means that they do not intersect and are not parallel.