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Perpendicular lines intersect at a 90 degree angle. Parallel lines do not intersect, nor would they ever intersect if continued infinitely.

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Q: What is perpendicular an d parallel lines?
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Does perpendicular have parallel lines?

= parallel + perpendicular As such no, perpendicular lines do not naturally have parallel lines. However...connect the lines in the symbols below. ++ ++ And you'll have 4 perpendicular lines, and 4 parallel lines.

What is Perpendicular and Parallel?

Perpendicular is when two lines cross... Parallel is when two lines never meet.... _____________ _____________ = PARALLEL LINES If they cross they are perpendicular, if they don't, they are parallel.

Which shape has parallel lines but no perpendicular lines?

A rhombus has parallel lines but no perpendicular lines.

What shapes have perpendicular lines and no parallel lines?

Right triangles have a set of perpendicular lines and no parallel lines.

CAN Perpendicular lines can be parallel?

No, perpendicular lines intersect eachother at 90 degree angles. Parallel lines never intersect. So perpendicular lines will never be parallel.

Does a rectangle have perpendicular lines and parallel lines?


Does an equilateral have parallel lines or perpendicular lines?


Does a rhombus have perpendicular lines and parallel lines?

Perpendicular: No Parallel: Yes, two pairs.

How many parallel lines and perpendicular does a trazioud have?

A trapezoid has 2 parallel lines. It may or may not have perpendicular lines.

What letters in the English language have both parallel and perpendicular lines?

There are letters in the alphabet with both parallel and perpendicular lines. In alphabetical order, they are E, F, and H. If the joining point can be considered perpendicular and parallel, then B, D, P, and R also match the criterion.

Can perpendicular lines be parallel lines?

It is impossible for parallel lines to be perpendicular. Perpendicular lines are intersecting lines, meaning that they cross each other. Parallel lines, on the other hand, are lines that never meet, no matter how far they are extended in either direction. So intersecting lines (which includes perpendicular lines) and parallel lines are exact opposites. Parallel lines will never meet or cross; they cannot be perpendicular.

Two lines are perpendicular if they are parallel and cross?

Parallel lines are never perpendicular. Perpendicular lines are co-planar and cross at right angles.