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Commutativity only applies to multiplication. Associativity applies to addition.

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Q: Does the commutative property states that the order of the terms in an addition or multiplication problem can be changed without affecting the result?
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When the numbers in the parenthesis switch what is the property?

The property being described is the Commutative Property. This property states that the order of elements can be changed without affecting the result in certain operations, such as addition and multiplication.

Which property allows you to regroup addends?

The commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication.

The Commutative Property works for which operations?

Addition & multiplication

Which two operations can be used with the commutative property?

addition and multiplication

Properties of number theory?

zero property of multiplication commutative property of multiplication identity property of addition identity prpertyof multiplication your welcome:-)

The Commutative Property does not work for which operations?

Addition and multiplication

Can the commutative property have three numbers involved?

Addition and multiplication: yes

What property shows that numbers can be regrouped when being added or multiplied without changing their value?

The commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication.

The key word for commutative property is?

The key word for the commutative property is interchangeable. Addition and multiplication functions are both commutative and many mathematical proofs rely on this property.

When you change the order of numbers what is it called?

That is the commutative property of either multiplication or addition.

What does commutative property and associative propperty mean?

it depends wht kind (multiplication, addition)

What is the deffinition of commutative?

Assuming you mean definition, commutative is a property of an operation such that the order of the operands does not affect the result. Thus for addition, A + B = B + A. Multiplication of numbers is also commutative but multiplication of matrices is not. Subtraction and division are not commutative.