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Q: Does the magnification based on the length measurements correspond to the magnification based on the width?
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Does the magnification in a microscope based upon the length measurement coincide with the magnification based on the width?

Yes, the magnification based on the length would coincide with the magnification based on the width. However, the object on the slide is only measured by its diameter.

Created in 1795 it is a decimal system of measurements based on its unit of length?

metric system

The Richter scale is based on measurements of?

The Richter scale is based on measurements of *Amplitude*. (^_^)

Why are systems of measurements used in the past considered unreliable?

Older systems of measurement did not have sufficient precision, since they were based upon such things as the length of an arm, or the length of a foot, when different people have arms or feet that have different lengths.

What is the relationship between physics and measurements?

Practically all measurements are based on physics.

What was the Fujita scale based on and why?

The Fujita ("F") scale is based on the severity of the damage which is used to provide a basic wind speed estimate. It uses this technique because when the was created in 1971 we had no means of obtaining direct wind measurements from inside a tornado. More recently in 2007 the wind speed estimates have been adjusted to more accurately correspond with the damage levels. This is called the Enhanced Fujita ("EF") scale. Although it is now possible to get direct wind measurements from a tornado, such measurements are rare and difficult to obtain so that only a handful of tornadoes have such measurements taken. So damage must still be used as that primary means of rating tornadoes.

What are linear measurements in the metric system based on?

The Metre

What research is based on numerical measurements?


What did mendeleev's ordering actually correspond to?

Atomic mass. The modern table is based on atomic number.

What powerare Metric measurements based on?

Metric measurements use powers of 10 to create larger and smaller units.

How do you find the length of an arc in a circle?

You can measure it with a string. If you want to calculate it based on other measurements, you can multiply the radius times the angle, assuming the angle is in radians. If the angle is in degrees, convert it to radians first.

What was the legth of a foot based on in Roman times?

In Roman times the length of a foot was called a pes. The pes consisted of 12 unicae. (like our 12 inches to a foot) So the Roman foot was based on the unica, just as our foot is based on the inch. However the length measurements of the Romans were slightly shorter than ours. That is, a unica = .97 of our inch and a pes = 11.6 inches instead of our 12 inches.