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They believe that it is from water flow.

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Q: Does the surface of mars have long channels from water flow?
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How long to fill a 55 gallon drum from a half-inch water line?

The answer depends on the flow rate or the water pressure, not just the pipe size.

How long to fill a 24 x 52 pool?

It depends on two other factors viz;- #1 How deep is the pool #2 Rate of flow of the inflowing water.

How long would it take to fill a gallon jug with a one eighth of an inch hose?

It depends on the flow rate in the hose and that depends on the water pressure.

What will restrict the flow of household water pressure more a 30micron filter or a 5 micron filter?

A 5 Micron because it is smaller than the 30 Micron. Thanks! I'm not a professional plumber, but I am a college graduate, and it seems to me that 5-micron openings would not restrict water flow more that 30-micron openings as long as there are at least 36 times as many of them, so I would think that it depends not only on the particulate size for which the filter is rated but also on the filter's surface area and density (please let me know if I am wrong). -HW

How long will it take to evaporate a container of water that has 3 inches 5 inches and 6 inches?

That depends on the composition of the container, the method of adding heat to thecontainer, the rate at which heat is added to the container, the air pressure abovethe surface of the water, the relative humidity of the air above the surface of thewater, and the rate at which the air above the surface of the water is in motion.In general, the time required, in minutes, is(90)/(the rate of evaporation achieved, expressed in cubic inches per minute)

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What liquid formed channels on the surface of Mars long ago?

it's water is just ordinary water

What are different kinds of runoff?

1. Surface Runoff: It is that portion of rainfall which enters the stream immediately after the rainfall. It occurs. When all losses are satisfied and if rain is still continued, with the rate greater than in filtration rate; at this stage the excess water makes a head over the ground surface (surface detention) which tends to move from one place to another, known as overland flow. As soon as the overland flow joins to the streams, channels or oceans, termed as surface runoff.2. Sub - surface Runoff: That part of rainfall, which first leaches into the soil and moves laterally without joining the water - table to the Streams Rivers or oceans is known as sub - surface runoff. Sometimes sub - surface runoff is also aerated under service ninoff due to reason that it takes very title time to reach the river or channel in comparision to ground water. The sub - surface runoff is usually referred as interflow.3. Base flow: It is delays flow, defined as that part of rainfall which after talling on the ground surface in fill rated into the soil and meets so the water table and flow to the streams oceans etc. The movement of water in this type of runoff is very slow that is why it is also referred as delayed runoff. It takes a long time to join the rivers or oceans. Some times base flow is also known as ground water flow.

What evidence is there that water flowed on mars?

It has long channels that may have been carved by flowing water.

How did the Egyptians plan for flooding?

The Egyptians planned for the flooding by cleaning out their irrigation channels so that the water from the Nile can flow to the built resevoires where the Egyptians' stored water for the drought seasons and their fields where they grew their crops as a source of food.

What were the long stone channels that carried fresh water into the city of ROme?


What animal lives on top of the water that is a scavenger?

A creature of the water's surface is the water strider. It uses the surface tension of the water and its long legs to actually walk on the surface.

How deep currents from and move in the ocean?

Deep currents form by the differences in the density of the ocean water. Deep currents move by carrying cold water from the poles towards the equators. They flow really slowly. They may take as long as 1,000 years to flow from the pole to the equator and back again.

Did Saturn have water on it surface long ago?

probaly not

What evidence do scientist have about water on Mars?

the are long, narrow channels that were most likely carved out of water millions of years ago. hope this helps :)

How long does it take surface water to become ground water?

it takes about 34 days

How much water will be delivered from a half inch pipe at 100 psi?

More, depending on how long you allow the flow to flow.

What would be a good sentence for surface tension?

The daddy long legs relies on the water's surface tension.