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Q: Does the value of gravity ever reach zero?
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Is there such a thing a zero gravity?

No. Gravity is a force with unlimited reach. Gravitys grip-force decreases with an increase in the distance between bodies. In a nutshell, there is no zero gravity, but there is very close to zero gravity. In the deep space between and at extreme distances from any galaxies we find what is effectively zero gravity.

Could the net force ever be zero?

Not ever on earth or somewhere with gravity

How long does the shuttle take to reach zero gravity?

about 8 minutes after launch

Value of accelaration due to gravity at the centre of the earth?


Why gravity becomes zero at equator?

Gravity doesn't become zero at equator, its value is roughly the same all over the earths surface.

Does Unemployment rate ever reach zero?

the unemployment will never reach zero. because unfortunatly there will be always some one who need or requires job.................muhammad saqib...........

How much zero gravity is there in space?

Zero! that's why it is called zero gravity!

What is the example of Zero velocity but non zero accelerator?

Throwing a ball straight up in the air. It will reach some peak where the velocity is zero, but the acceleration due to gravity is a constant -9.8m/s^2.

When ever an object is standing still which value is always zero?

Its speed, velocity, and acceleration are all zero.

Which is more like sky zone or zero gravity?

zero gravity

When did you say that the zero gravity is no gravity?

Depends on the atmosphere. location, place, space and time of zero gravity

With no gravity can people breath?

Have you ever seen video of Space Shuttle astronauts during a space walk ? They are in zero gravity, but they are working and breathing just fine.