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Yes, in fact it means that you should fact gain some weight (but of course to not over-do it).

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Q: Does underweight refer to being less than ten percent below the ideal weight for one's height and bone structure?
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If you weight 7 stone at 19 years old is this being underweight?

No it's ideal weight for your age but the lower side of the ideal weight nearer underweight. But you have to take your height into acount to

Is 116 ibs over weight for 12?

Depends on your height.

What is the importance of getting the height and weight?

Doctors keep track of a patient's height and weight in order to be able to assess whether the patient has an appropriate weight for their height, or may be overweight or underweight.

How light is anorexic?

Anorexics can be any weight, but most tend to be underweight for their height and age.

Is a BMI of 13 unhealthy or underweight?

It depends on your height and weight, but that is likely to be somewhat underweight; unhealthy is a completely different story, and that depends entirely on your lifestyle.

What is underweight for a 12 year old?

The proper weight is based on BMI--Body mass Index. It is based on Height and Weight.

Is 118 pounds underweight for 5' 6?

No, the BMI for this height and weight is 19,0 which is between 18,5 and 25 - normal weight.

Is 74 pounds underweight for a 12 year old?

If you're under 5"2' then you are not underweight. It matters on your height, too. Well yeah. I am also 12. I weigh the same. i thought i was underweight, but realized it all depends on height. I am 5.7ft. Somebody my height is supposed to weigh 120. so I am underweight. What Height are you? If your 5.1-5.3ft your NOT under weight, Got It, Get it, Good.

I am 5'5 and 111 how much weight could I lose and still be healthy?

Do not lose any weight , you are already UNDERWEIGHT for your height, this is NOT healthy.

Im 15 height is 5ft 9 and you only weigh 7 stone is this under weight?

yes your dangerously underweight! a model died and she was the same weight and height as u.

What should my bmi be at the age of 13 with a height of 54' and the weight of 6 stone 3lbs. my bmi is 14 and i am wondering how underweight this is?

Your BMI would be 14.9, which is underweight. Anything less than 18 is considered underweight. To be in the "ideal" weight range for a height of 5'4'' or 164 cm would be about 120-130 lbs, or 54-59kg, or about 9 to 9.5 stone.

How much should a 5ft6 13year old weigh?

The healthy weight for your height should be around 50.8kg to 61.9kg If your weight is around 45.2kg to 50.7kg, your at borderline underweight If your weight is around 45.1kg & below, your underweight If your weight is around 62kg to 67.4kg,your at borderline overweight If your weight is around 67.5kg to78.7kg,your overweight If your weight is around 78.8kg & above,your severely overweight I hope this helped you (: !