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1. It could not explain the atomic spectram energy of the elements other than 'HYDROGEN'.

2. It could not explain the brightness of the atomic spectral lines.

3. It could not explain the formation of chemical bonds.


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In light of the current state of knowledge in the field of Chemistry, Dalton's theory had a few drawbacks. According to Dalton's postulates,

· an atom is the smallest indivisible particle of an element. However, it is now known that atoms can further be subdivided into elementary particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons.

· atoms of the same element are identical in all respects, having the same size, shape and structure, and especially mass. Today, we know that atoms of the same element can have slightly different masses. Such atoms are called isotopes.

· atoms of different elements have different properties and different masses. However, different elements do exist whose atoms have the same mass. Such atoms are called isobars.

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His theory is actually very close to the theory that chemists use today. However

(1) many of his formulas are wrong. In some cases this is because he did not have enough evidence to get an answer, so he made the simplest assumption, e.g. water = OH rather than our modern H2O. In other cases it is because he was not a good experimentalist, and some of his chemical analyses were just plain inaccurate.

(2) he had a view of the structure of molecules (he called them compound atoms) quite different from the structures that we know about today. For example, oxalic acid, which a modern chemist would write something like

HO(C=O).(C=O)OH he described as a compound atom made up of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and water CO.CO2.H2O in modern notation.

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Q: Drawbacks of neil bohr's atomic model?
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What is Bohr atomic model name?

Neil Bohrs atomic model is simply called Bohrs model. It states that electrons have a certain amount of energy, so they must follow certain orbits. This is different from the modern atomic model.

Which model of the atom first proposed that electrons orbit the nucleus?

Now, an advanced model derived from the Niels Bohr theory.

What was neil bohr's belief?

Neil Bohr proposed 'Bohrs model' of an atom. In this he hypothesised that the larger nuclei were clustered in the center of an atom, with the electrons forming circular 'shells' around them. This was in contrast to the 'plumb pudding' model of an atom, whereby all the fundamental particles are randomly clustered about the space of the atom. Bohr's model was aided by the Rutherford experiment, which indicated that the highest concentration of particles existed in the center of the atomic space. Bohr's model is still taught at secondary school level, though newer models have been theorised and tested.

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Why john Dalton's atomic model which describes an atom as an invisible spherical participle are no longer accepted?

First of all he did'nt say that it was invisible, he said it was indivisible i.e. it cannot be divided further but it can be in the form of protons,electrons and neutrons.That's why it was not accepted. By the way he proposed atomic theory not a model. Models were proposed by THOMSON, RUTHERFORD and NEIL BOHR.

When did Niels Bohr made a model of the atom?

Neil's Bohr developed his model of the atom in 1931 as a student of Rutherford. This model suggested that electrons orbited in concentric circles around the nucleus at discrete energy levels.

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Drawbacks of Niels Bohr's atomic model?

Neil Bohr put forward atomic theory not the model, but his theory failed to explain 1- structure of complicated atoms having 'p' 'd' or 'f' orbitals, 2- fine structure of line spectra 3- arrangement of electrons in atoms having atomic no 5 or more.

What are the contribution of Niels Bohr in the development of science and technology in atomic theory?

Neil bohr has done research in quantum mechanics.