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1. It could not explain the atomic spectram energy of the elements other than 'HYDROGEN'.

2. It could not explain the brightness of the atomic spectral lines.

3. It could not explain the formation of chemical bonds.


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Q: Drawbacks of neil bohr's atomic model?
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What was Niels Bohr's atomic model called?

Neil Bohrs atomic model is simply called Bohrs model. It states that electrons have a certain amount of energy, so they must follow certain orbits. This is different from the modern atomic model.

Drawbacks of Niels Bohr's atomic model?

Neil Bohr put forward atomic theory not the model, but his theory failed to explain 1- structure of complicated atoms having 'p' 'd' or 'f' orbitals, 2- fine structure of line spectra 3- arrangement of electrons in atoms having atomic no 5 or more.

What was neil bohr's belief?

Neil Bohr proposed 'Bohrs model' of an atom. In this he hypothesised that the larger nuclei were clustered in the center of an atom, with the electrons forming circular 'shells' around them. This was in contrast to the 'plumb pudding' model of an atom, whereby all the fundamental particles are randomly clustered about the space of the atom. Bohr's model was aided by the Rutherford experiment, which indicated that the highest concentration of particles existed in the center of the atomic space. Bohr's model is still taught at secondary school level, though newer models have been theorised and tested.

What is the model of neil bhor?

solar model

When did Neil Bohr create his atomic model?

Bohr first publicly stated his postulates in three papers published in Philosophical Magazine in the second half of 1913.

How many neutrons are in Neil Bohr's atomic model?

This question is not well defined. Bohr's atomic model was first applied to hydrogen; no neutrons. Then it was applied to heavier atoms; helium...two neutrons. It was not very successful for heavier atoms. This led to Bohr-Sommerfeld model, and then real quantum mechanics. Essentially the Bohr model said that the orbits of electrons in atoms are quantized.

Who discovered the planetary model?

Neil bohr

Who is Neil Armstrong's role model?

Neil Armstrong role model was his dad and the Wright Brothers! I think this is right! IM not 100% sure!

What is contribution of neil bohr?

the Bohr model of the atom

Why john Dalton's atomic model which describes an atom as an invisible spherical participle are no longer accepted?

First of all he did'nt say that it was invisible, he said it was indivisible i.e. it cannot be divided further but it can be in the form of protons,electrons and neutrons.That's why it was not accepted. By the way he proposed atomic theory not a model. Models were proposed by THOMSON, RUTHERFORD and NEIL BOHR.

When was Neil Bors's model of atom discovered?

Neil's Bohr developed his model of the atom in 1931 as a student of Rutherford. This model suggested that electrons orbited in concentric circles around the nucleus at discrete energy levels.

What has the author Neil M Ribe written?

Neil M. Ribe has written: 'Towards a dynamic model of intraplate volcanism'

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