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She has $3.00 left, and her allowance per week was $3.00

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Q: Emily saved her allowance for 3 weeks She spent two thirds of her money on a book The book cost 6 how much did she have left?
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Mark saved his allowance for three weeks he spent two thirds of his money on a movie the movie cost 6 dollars how much money did he have left?

Impossible, you did'nt tell us how much he makes for allowance. i caught a mess up, wooh!

How do to use the word allowance in a sentence?

The boy has three chores to do each week and then he earns an allowance. She saved her allowance for weeks to buy the video game.

Jaime has saved 42 of her allowance money to buy books. If she buys 5 books at d dollars per book she will have 42-5d of her allowance left. how much does she have left if the books cost 3.50 each?


In March David spent 60 of his allowance and saved the rest. He saved 25. If his parents gave him 30 more in April than in March how much allowance did he receive in April?


Madeline receives a weekly allowance of 5.00. If she saves 2.50 each week. Home much money will she have saved after 15 weeks?

She will have $37.50 in 15 weeks

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