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Q: Enemy plus you equals friend Hate plus you equals love Tears plus you equals smile Confusion plus you equals solution Nothing plus you equals everything and Me plus You equals equals please reply?
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What is a solution to 2x2 plus 2x - 12 equals 0?

Since there is nothing "following" the answer is none of them.

Is 4 a solution to the equation x plus 1 equals x plus 1?

Yes, but so is everything else.

When the dissolving rate equals the rate at which molecules comes out of solution the solution is in?

When the dissolving rate equals the rate at which molecules comes out of solution the solution is in 'equilibrium'.

What is the symbol for a solution?

The equals sign: =

Is x equals 2 a solution of 4x - 3 equals 5?

Yes, x = 2 is the solution.

Which solution is the most acidic A. apple juice pH equals 3 B. pure water pH equals 7 C. hand soap solution pH equals 10 D. drain cleaner solution pH equals 14?

its 7!

5x - y equals 8 and 25x - 5y equals 32 Describe the solution to the system of equations below?

No solution

Which of these solutions are acidic a solution with OH equals 2.5 10-9 H plus equals 1.2 10 -4 H plus equals 3.4 10-8 pH equals 4.5 OH equals 1.0 10-4?

solution with [OH-] = 2.5 x 10-9 , A solution with [H+] = 1.2 x 10-4, A solution with pH = 4.5


Zero is nothing which equals nothing :)

Is x equals 3 a solution of x-7 equals 4?

no.. x equals 11

What is the solution to the equation 0 equals r?

r=0 is the solution...

Is 2 a solution of 4x-3 equals 5?

Yes. It is THE solution.

Is 10.1 a solution of 0.7x equals 7.21?

No because the solution is 10.3

Is this a no solution 6x - 2y equals 4 -9 plus 3y equals 12?

(x, y) = (3, 7) is a solution.

What is the solution for Y equals x-2 and 2x plus y equals 1?

The solution is: x = 1 and y = -1

How many times a solution of pH equals 3 be diluted to get a solution of pH equals 6?

The solution must be diluted 1000 times to get from a pH of 3 to a pH of 6.

How many solutions are in y equals -2x y equals 3x plus 5?

There is one solution for x and one solution for y. The solution is: x = -1 ; y = 2

A solution has Ag plus equals 7.7 x 10-5 and Cl- equals 2.5 x 10-3?

the solution is supersaturated

What is the solution to 3 parentheses d-8 parentheses equals 3d?

No solution

Is 8 a solution of 7 f equals 64-f?

Yes. It is THE solution.

What is the solution for 3x equals 4x-5?

The solution to this problem is x=5.

Is x equals 6 a solution to -2 x -4 equals 8?

No, it is not.

Is x equals 4 a solution for 3x-1 equals 11?


Is x equals 1 a solution of the equation 2 - 8x equals 6?


If the concentration of dilute solution of nitric acid is 0.0001 M what is the pH of that solution?

The answer is 4 - .0001 equals 1X10 -4 which equals a pH of 4