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r=0 is the solution...

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2010-09-10 20:30:47
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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the solution to the equation 0 equals r?
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What is r times 1 equals 1?

It is a linear equation in one variable r. The solution to the equation is r = 1.

What is 5r equals 25?

5r = 25 is a linear equation in one variable, r. The solution is r = 5.

18-6r equals 0 What does r equal?

Divide both sides by 6: 3 - r = 0, so r = 3 satisfies the equation.

Is r equals 9 a solution of 128 equals 16r?

No, it is not. Substitute and check. You have 128 + 16r. So now, if r=9, then the equation would be 128 = 16x9. But, 16x9 is 145 and is not equal to 128. Thus, r=9 is not the solution. The solution is r+ 128/16 which is equal to 8. Thus, the actual solution is r = 8.

What is 16 subtract r equals negative sixteen?

It's a linear equation in 'r' . Here's how to find the solution:16 - r = -16Add 16 to each side of the equation:32 - r = 0Add 'r' to each side:32 = r

What is the radius of the circle with the equation x² plus y² equals 36?

A circle centre (0, 0) and radius r has equation x² + y² = r² The circle x² + y² = 36 has: r² = 36 → radius = 6

Solve the equation 8 equals r-5?


R plus s equals 4 2r plus 3s equals 8?

r + s = 4 and 2r + 3s = 8 multiply the first equation by 2 giving 2r + 2s = 8 subtract this from the second equation giving s = 0 So r = 4 and s = 0.

In the equation r 14 equals 39 what is the value of r?


What is 8 equals 6 r 5?

It is an equation in the variable r.

How does one solve the differential equation y double prime plus y prime plus y equals zero?

Let y=ce^(rx). R^2+r+1=0. Quadratic equation to find R.

What is r in this equation 100 r equals 99.52?

100 r = 99.52Divide each side of the equation by 100 :r = 99.52/100 = 0.9952

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