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If the engine has been standing for a time(6 months to a year) take the sparkys out and drop a little oil on top of the pistons, replace sparkys and turn over for 3 or 4 secs.

If car is running ok you can buy an Additive from your local Car/Truck store for a little cash. Bearing in mind it wont 'fix' the sluggishness but will help in the long run. Put some in every 4th fill up. HTHS


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Q: Engine is slowly dying - is there an additive that will remove gunky build up and get the cylinders moving properly?
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What does engine oil do to a diesel engine?

The engine oil helps in lubricating the machine. Oil helps in cooling the engine and lubricates the moving parts properly. The moving parts are constantly shifting and are connected to each other. Oil is needed to grease the parts so that the components move properly without causing harm to the machines.

How do lawn mowers use oil?

Um... because they have an engine like your car that has moving parts and cylinders... only significantly smaller?

What does v stands for in a car enGine?

Engines are made in three formats. You have 'V' 'I' and 'W'. Its the inclination of the cylinders. 'I' means that its an inline engine all the cylinders are in a line moving up and down. 'V' means that the cylinders are oriented in a 'V' for instance a V6 has 3 cylinders each side and they move from the bottom of the 'V' to the top moving away from each other on either side as they do. It literally looks like a 'V'. A 'W' is two 'V's side by side rigged together.

George Stephenson's Rocket was an early example of What Form Of Steam Power?

The reciprocating steam engine (that is one that uses pistons in cylinders, moving in and out)

How many cylinders move in the intake stage on a car engine?

All cylinders are moving at the same time weather it is on the intake or exhaust stage. The valves close and open in cycles. Click the link to learn more.

Why is it important for an internal combustion engine to have a cooling system?

Very quickly an uncooled engine will get so hot that the moving pistons weld themselves into their cylinders, ruining the engine. The oil system is part of that cooling process, by the way.

What force keeps your car moving?

The force generated by the expansion of burning gasses, inside the combustion cylinders of a car powered by an internal combustion engine.

What system removes and reduces heat caused by friction between the moving engine parts and the explosion of fuel in the cylinders?

The lubrication system and the cooling system.

Can a 3 cylinder engine run good on 2 cylinder?

Not really. If one of the three cylinders is not functioning, the engine has lost MORE than 1/3 of the power if you take into consideration that the engine is still moving the "dead" piston.

What are the cylinder numbers for a 1990 Honda Prelude?

Starting from the end of the engine where the accessory belt is moving away. [4321]8 picture the engine the 8 is the belt the cylinders go in that order 8[1234]

Does a car have to be moving to charge the battery?

No , for the battery to be charged the engine must be running . This means that your alternator , if it's functioning properly , is charging the car's battery as the engine is on/running .

Why would a 1989 Volvo 240standard just stop moving with the engine running?

You burnt out the clutch probably or it's not in gear properly.

How does an aircraft reciprocating engine works?

A 'reciprocating engine' is just another name for a piston engine as opposed to a jet. Technically, the engine works just like the one in your car, with a piston moving in and out of a cylinder. The difference may be that the aircraft engine may have it's cylinders arranged in a circle ( radial engine) but the action is just the same.

Why a car needs a radiator to operate effectively?

The process of the engine creates huge amounts of heat. Water is past through the engine block (that is where the cylinders are ) where it collects heat from the case body of the engine block and its taken to the radiator where air is passed through the radiator cooling the water. The cycle continues. If the water did not circulate then the engine would expand considerably, the cylinders will also then expand as would the moving parts to the point where the friction would cause the engine to cease up.

What would cause a 98 eagle talon bog down at full throttle but catch back up when you let off?

poor manufacture engine part, the engine is not moving enough air with the fuel, therefore causing it to either work on 4 cylinders instead of a full engine.

What is a 50cc motor?

the chamber of that engine is 50 cubic centimeters The piston displaces 50 cubic centemeters when moving from the bottom of its stroke to the top of its stroke. For total engine displacement multiply that by the numbet of cylinders. 1 cubic inch = 16.38 cubic centermeters

When you say 2.0 liter 3.0 liter or 4.0 Liter does that mean that when the engine is turn on and the car is moving it uses 2 liters per second?

No, that would be the measurement of volume of all the cylinders combined.

What is the difference between a 6cylinder engine and an 8cylinder engine?

Simplistically, 8 cylinder engines have a bigger fuel consumption than 6 cylinder engine because you burn fuel in two more cylinders. But, in the same time, will give you more thrust because you use that extra burned fuel to generate more thrust by moving more pistons. The is very basic. The number of cylinders are not the only factor determining the fuel consumption and thrust of an engine but in general the above statement is true.

What is Displacement volume in reciprocating engine?

the total volume of displacement of gas by the pistons moving in the cylinders usually measured in cubic centimetres (cm³ or cc) or litres (l) or (L) (US:liter). Is called displacement volume.

Does the pistons of a car move when the car is not moving?

it depends. if the car isn't moving, but the engine is still on, then yes the pistons are moving. if the engine is off, and the car isn't moving, then the pistons are still.

What is the difference between a single-acting and an opposed piston engine is?

Single-acting? You mean like a single cylinder engine, like in my lawn mower? The biggest difference (besides the obvious "an opposed engine has more cylinders" is that an opposed engine has more torque. On a single-cylinder four-stroke, you've got the cylinder moving under input energy--the burning gasoline--for one stroke, and under stored energy from the flywheel for three strokes. If you have a two-cylinder engine, you have two strokes where the engine is moving under input energy--each cylinder has one--and two strokes using stored energy. If you have a four-cylinder engine, each stroke is moving under input energy.

How does a fly wheel work?

In a car or motor bike engine the petrol which is ignited inside the cylinders causes forces which drive the crankshaft round due to those cylinders all being connected to the crankshaft.. Now an important part of the crankshaft is a heavy wheel in the centre of the crankshaft, which has a lot of kinetic energy (the energy of a moving body) stored in it. This helps the engine to revolve smoothly without any jitters if one of the plugs is not sparking correctly. In general it "smooths out" the engine performance.

Why does engine oil turn black?

Because it has collected all the tiny particles of metal from moving parts grinding together and all kinds of burnt deposits from the pistons and cylinders. -This is why it's a good thing to do frequent oil changes.

What are double-acting hydraulic cylinders used for?

Double-acting cylinders work similarly, but oil is pushed against one side of the cylinder, thus allowing a push or pull motion; these cylinders are used in construction machinery such as cranes and earth-moving machines.