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Q: Enumerate the three(3) martyrs that were garrote?
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What is a sentence for the word garrote?

He used an improvised rope garrote to subdue his jailer. The guerrillas would often garrote sentries to quietly approach their targets.

Can the rosary beads be used as a garrote?


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Fulgencio Valares Garrote has written: 'La hora de los despojos'

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What has the author Diego E Garrote written?

Diego E. Garrote has written: 'Goats' -- subject(s): Breeding, Conservation, Goats, Habitat

What are the differences between martyrs and saints?

Both are saints but martyrs died for their faith. In Catholicism, all martyrs are saints but not all saints are martyrs.

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Enumerate the primary goals of a business?

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What do martyrs do?

martyrs are people who die for there religious faith

Why did the martyrs die?

The martyrs died for their christian belief.

Enumerate the five major phases of data processing cycle?

enumerate Data Processing Cycle? enumerate The Expanded Data Processing Cycle?

What is the difference between a saint and a martyr?

Martyrs are saints who were killed for their beliefs. Most martyrs are saints but not all saints were martyrs.

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What is a sentence using the word enumerate?

The government decided to enumerate the population. (Its called a census.)

Enumerate and describe the elements of physical fitness?

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Were there any martyrs after Saint Stephen?

There were thousands of martyrs after Stephen.

When was March of the Martyrs created?

March of the Martyrs was created in 2007.

When was Tribute to the Martyrs created?

Tribute to the Martyrs was created in 1979.

When was Betraying the Martyrs created?

Betraying the Martyrs was created in 2008.