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Q: Equilateral triangles must also be
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Are all equilateral triangles also isoscelles triangles?

Yes. But not all isosceles triangles are equilateral.

Are equilateral triangles also scalene triangles?


Is it true that when equilateral triangles have equal perimeters they must also have equal areas?


Are right triangles also equilateral triangles?

Generally not

Every equilateral triangle must also be an acute triangle?

Equilateral triangles have angles that all equal 60 degrees. Acute triangles all have an angles that are less than 90 degrees.

Are some right triangles also the same as equilateral triangles?


Some equilateral triangles are not isosceles?

All isosceles triangles are not equilateral triangles

Are some isosceles triangles equilateral triangles?

All isosceles triangles are not equilateral triangles

Are two equilateral triangles sometimes always or never similar to each other?

Since triangles have three sides and must have interior angles equal to pi or 180o, the three interior angles in all equilateral triangles will be pi/3 or 60o.However, equilateral triangles must also have equal side lengths. Since equilateral triangles with interior angles of 60o will not necessarily have the same side lengths, two equilateral triangles will sometimes be similar to each other.

Are all equilateral triangles acute triangles?

Yes all equilateral triangles are acute triangles, but not all acute triangle are equilateral triangles.

Can you show me the equilateral that is also an acute triangles a pictue of it?

All equilateral triangles are acute triangles, since all the angles are less than 90 degrees.

True or false All equilateral triangles are also isosceles triangles?