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Since the exact answer is 1.61, 2 is larger than 1.61 and hence an overestimate.

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Q: Estimate 5.82-4.21 to be about 2 this an overestimate or underestimate?
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Is 5.82 - 4.21 an overestimate or an underestimate?

Most people would estimate that as 6 (an overestimate) - 4 (an underestimate) which would estimate the answer as 2, which is an overestimate.

Is an estimate of a product an overestimate or underestimate?

You know if an answer is an over or underestimate because if the last 2 # is 5 and over, it is an overestimate. If the last 2 # is 4 and under, it is an underestimate. Ex: 345 answer if you were estimating 350 over. Ex: 232 if you were estimating your answer would be 230 and that is under.

Wesley estimated 5.82 - 4.21 to be about 2. Is this an overestimate or an underestimate. Explain?

It's an overestimate. The actual total is 1.61

Is 159 divided by 2 overestimate or underestimate?


What did the US learn from World War 2?

Never underestimate the enemy.

What is reasonable estimate of -2?

For multiplication or division, the only reasonable estimate is -2.

How do you estimate 2.1?

To the nearest integer, 2

What is 76 times 2 by estimate?

160 by estimate

How many people go to Rio de Janeiro to see the four day carnival every year?

100,000,000 that means 100 million (this seems like a gross overestimate. half of the population of Brazil goes to carnival in Rio? I have actually gone. It is crowded but not that much. Maybe this estimate is recounting people for each day. Officially Carnival is only 4 days but in practice there are events spread over 2 weeks.)

Why is 2 not a good estimate for 13.68 times 0.04?

The answer being 0.5456, the digit 2 can not be a good estimate since it is not close.

What is the estimate for 55 times 2?

There is no need to estimate when the exact answer is so easy to find. 55*2 = (50 + 5)*2 = 50*2 + 5*2 = 100 + 10 = 110

What is the estimate for 115 divided by 2?


How do you estimate 201 times 2?

201 x 2 = 402 If you had to, you could estimate 200 x 2. The answer will be two more than that.

Which is the estimate of 2 over 5 plus 3 over 4?

The estimate is 1.

What is the estimate of 512?

512 is a good estimate: the number is easy to work with - particularly if you remember that it is 2^9.

What is the estimate difference between 38 and 12?

There is no need to estimate: 38 - 12 = 38 - (10 + 2) = 38 - 10 - 2 = 28 - 2 = 26.

How long does it take give you an estimate?

They usually take about 2 years to give you a certain estimate.

What is Estimate of quotient 163 divided by 2?


What is the best estimate of the mass of a lemon?

2 grams

Which is the closest estimate for the product of 2 x 19 x 5?

The closest estimate for the product of 2 x 19 x 5 equals 200.

Which equation cannot be used to estimate the length of the hypotenuse?

x^2= 46^2 -24^2

Why was Japan so successful during first six months of World War 2 against US and British Empire?

Rule NUMBER #1: Never underestimate the enemy. The US and Britain violated rule #1.

What is the closest estimate of 6 plus 2?


What is the best estimate of the capacity of a fish bowl?

2 milliliters

How would you estimate six-sevenths divided by 2?

You do not need to estimate it - you can calculate its exact value! 6/7 divided by 2 = 3/7