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God has given us many wonderful things and blessings each day, but one of the most grateful gifts that He has given us is our home, Earth. It has been our home since the first humans landed their

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Q: Example of situation of "Ours is a finite Earth"?
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Example of ours is a finite earth?

nina met..agdamdamag nk syak met pag damagam bobo....??

What is the meaning of ours is a finite earth in the 7 environmental principles?

Everything that we need is provided by nature in abundance โ€“ food, water, energy, minerals and air. However, some resources that we depend upon nowadays are extracted excessively but are slow to replace. These non-renewable resources experience limits of supply.

What is ours is a finite earth?

wala ko kabalo! mao ganing nangutana ko! ano bayan!

Why ours is a finite earth?

It's a spherical earth, shaped that way because of it spins around its own axis. On land, if you were to walk around Earth, it would seem infinite (go round in circles), you can only see that it is finite when you see it from another dimension, from outer space.

What is the meaning of ours is a finite earth?

ano bayan ako ng ang nagtatanong eh ako ung tinanong mo

Where the houses different to ours?


What is plural for mine?

Ours. For example that car is ours.

How many earth planet are there in this universe?

1, Ours......

Why are humans steward to your finite earth?

We like to think that the world is ours. Since we are the most powerful species, we can make that claim. And if the world is ours, then it is our responsibility to take care of it, and if we don't take care of it, we will have only ourselves to blame when it gets messed up. If we ruin the planet, we do not really have the option of moving to another planet. Mars is an extremely barren, airless wasteland, and even so, it is much easier to live there than any of the other planets to which we might hypothetically be imagined to move, as an alternative to Earth. The solar system is not filled with prime real estate. The Earth is pretty much all we have, that is habitable. The Earth and the international space station, where possibly half a dozen people can live, if the station is regularly resupplied from Earth.

Are the other galaxies like ours in the universe?

Each galaxy is unique, just as each person on Earth is unique. However, there is only 6 billion people on the Earth, and around 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. There is no galaxy in the universe that's exactly like ours, but there are millions that are very similar to ours.

What is the meaning of the seven environmental principles and their meaning?

The seven environmental principles are nature knows best, all forms of life are important, everything is connected to everything else, everything changes, everything must go somewhere, ours is a finite earth, and nature is beautiful and we are stewards. They all mean that everything in natures changes and is beautiful.

Can you give me an example of declamation piece titled almsalmsalms?

Vengeance is not ours, it's God's. ^ that's the title :)

How are comets and planets similar?

It's atmosphere is similar like ours on earth

Does mercury have rust on it?

yes but it dosent form on metal like ours on earth does

How long do you have to question paternity of a child?

Not sure there is a limit, my son was 15 months old when we had ours done.probably depends on the situation

Ang pitong environmental principles?

natures knows best all forms of life are important everything is connected to everything else everything changes everything must go somewhere ours is a finite earth the amount of life that nature can support it limited

Is the moon's years the same as ours?

Yes. The moon goes around the sun with Earth.

What is Jupiters gravity like?

Jupiter's gravity is much stronger then ours 2.53 times that of ours. So if you weight 150 lbs on earth, you would weigh 381 lbs on jupiter.

What are the seven principles of Environmental Science?

1. Nature knows best.2. All forms of life are important.3. Everything is connected to everything else.4. Everything changes.5. Everything must go somewhere.6. Ours is a finite earth.7. Nature is beautiful and we are stewardsof God's creation.

How many times more surface pressure is there on the sun than earth?

28 times ours.

How can a woodlouse survive under stones and bark?

because that's their habitat like ours is earth. ;)

What is an example of a revealed law in religion?

read books! dont trust others! its your assignment! not ours!!!

What do you write a plural possessive word when it ends in an s?

A good example is the plural possessive "ours"

How many earth ours hours does it take the earth to revolve around the sun?

earth takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds to rotate on its axis once in a day

Is ours a possessive noun?

No, the word 'ours' is a possessive pronoun, a word that takes the place of a noun belonging to the speaker and one or more other people (us). Example:The terrier with the red collar is ours.

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