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3 is divisor

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Q: Example of a divisor
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What is a non example of an divisor?

A multiplier is a non-example of a divisor

What is the divisor in division?

The divisor is the number your dividing by, for an example (345 divided 8), 8 is the divisor. For another example as (2348 divided by 56), 56 is the divisor.

What does it mean to have a non example of divisor?

A non-example of divisor ring of integers, a division ring or a nonzero commutative ring that has no zero divisors except 0.

What is the divisor in maths?

There are no such things as "maths," but in mathematics, the divisor is the number by which another number is divided. For example, in the equation 10:5=2, 5 is the divisor. 10 is the dividend, and 2 is the quotient.

What is a dividend divisor?

For example: 35/7 35 is the dividend and 7 is the divisor 35 divided by 7 equals a quotient of 5

What Are Divisors In Math?

The divisors are the numbers in the outside of a division problem. example: 3)9 The three on the outside is the divisor The divisor is the adviser.

What is the number by which you divide?

The number you use to divide an equation is called the divisor. For example, 10 ÷ 5 = 2, where 5 is the divisor.

What is the difference between a divisor and a factor?

A divisor is the number being divided by in a division problem. For example, 6/3=2. 3 is the divisor in that example. A factor is the part of a multiplication problem that is being multiplied. A multiplication problem can have two or more factors. For example, 3 times 2 equals 6. 3 and 2 are the factors in that example.

What is a quotient divisor and a dividend?

Dividend if the number that you divide, divisor is the number that you divide dividend into, and quotient is the number that you get from dividing dividend into divisor. For example, in 12/3=4, 12 is the dividend, 3 is the divisor, and 4 is the quotient.

What is the divisor in a division problem?

In any division sum, for example, 12 / 4 = 3, the divisor is the second number - the one that the number is divided by.

What isThe dividend?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

What is 9 a common divisor of?

18 and 27 is one example. There are many others.

When dividing mass and volume which is the divisor?

The divisor is the number doing the dividing, rather than the number being divided. For example, in the problem 144/12, 12 is dividing into 144, so 12 is the divisor. If you are dividing mass by volume to attempt to find density, the volume measurement will be the divisor.

What does greatest divisor mean?

The greatest divisor is the largest number that divides into a given number evenly - no remainder or fractions. For example, the greatest divisor of 75 is 25 since no number greater than 25 will go into 75 evenly.

Is six a divisor of 18?

Yes. Though, technically, any non-zero number can be a divisor of 18. For example, 18/5 = 3.6 6 is a FACTOR of 18.

How would you describe to a sixth grader the difference between a divisor and a multiple?

A divisor is the number that does the dividing... FOr example: 6/3=2 (/ represents the division symbol) 3 is the divisor... A multiple is kind of like a pattern with times tables.... for example, 3,6, 9, 12,15.18,21 etc. 6,9,12,15,18, and 21 are all divisible by three.

How do you get the reciprocal of the divisor?

for a integer n, we call d the divisor of n if d divides n without leaving a remainder. So, for example, 49/7=7 and 7 is a divisor or a factor of 49. ( n=49, d=7 in this case) Since 7 is the divisor the reciprocal of 7 is just 1/7. In general is n is a divisor, 1/n is the reciprocal.

A divisor of a number?

a divisor of a number

What is the reciprocal of the divisor?

It is 1/divisor.

What is Great Common Divisor?

The Greatest Common Divisor of two numbers is the largest number that will divide into both evenly. For example, although 27 and 81 are both divisible by 3, it wouldn't be the greatest common divisor, because 27 divides into 81 evenly as well: the greatest common divisor of 27 and 81 is 27.

An exact divisor of a number?

an exact divisor of a number is one that leaves no remainder (a remainder of zero)--example: 27 divided by 3 is 9 but 27 divided bt 4 is 6 remainder 3 so 4 is not an exact divisor of 27 but 3 is

What does it mean for a divisor to divide evenly into a dividend?

It means that there is no remainder in the problem. For example 9/3=3. The nine is the dividend, and the first three is the divisor. There was no remainder, so it divided evenly.

Which would be a divisor 0.15 or 0.12?

Being a divisor isn't an inherent property of a number. Rather, whether or not a number serves as a divisor depends on how a fraction is formulated. For example, in the fraction 18/6, 18 is the dividend, or the number being divided, 6 is the divisor, or the number the dividend is being divided by, and 3 is the quotient, or the result of the division.

Which is the dividend and which is the divisor?

Dividend : Divisor = Quotient

Witch is the divisor?

the divisor is the number your dividing into.