Example problems in right plane triangle?

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Here are a couple

Find the altitude of a triangle with base 3 and hypotenuse 5.

Find the altitude of an equilateral triangle with each side to 2

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Q: Example problems in right plane triangle?
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Related questions

What is a plane triangle?

a plane triangle is a normal triangle, like the isosceles, right angled, equilateral and scalene triangle.

Is an equilateral triangle always a right triangle?

No, never in plane geometry.

Give an example to compute a right triangle?

an example of solving a right triangle

How do you get the volume of a 3d right angle triangle?

A right angle triangle is a plane figure not a 3d one.

Graph the ordered pairs -1 -3 2 -3 and 2 1 in a coordinate plane Connect the points to form a triangle What best describes the triangle one example obtuse and scalene?

Scalene, right triangle.

Is an isosceles triangle a right triangle?

It can be because it depends on the triangle's angles. For example, if the triangle has 2 equal sides and a right angle it could be a isosceles and a right triangle.

How do you find volume of right triangle?

A right angle is a plane figure and cannot have a volume.

Does a triangle has no right angles?

A triangle has no right angles when it is not a right angle triangle as for example as in the case of an equilateral triangle that has 3 equal 60 degree angles.

Is it possble for a triangle to have a right angle and an obtuse angle?

Not a plane triangle. With a triangle on a convex surface (eg on the surface of a sphere), the answer is Yes.

What vibrates in a triangle?

To make it simple.... If u are placing a triangle on a paper, the forces acting on a triangle from your left to right or right to light, along the plane of paper cannot move it, but .. when it is moved towards u or away, it can be moved or shifted from plane to plane.. so triangle vibration depends on the forces u apply in the particular direction...

How many right angles in a scalene triangle?

Any triangle can have a maximum of one right angle. Most right triangles are scalene triangles. The only non-scalene right triangle is a 45° - 45° - 90° isosceles right triangle. It is not possible to have an equilateral right triangle in plane geometry. A scalene triangle does not have to have a right angle, but it can have one.

What is an example of a non example of pythagorean theory?

Finding the sides of any triangle that is not a right angle triangle

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