Expand (3c-d)⁴ using Pascal´s Triangle

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Expand (3c-d)⁴ using Pascal´s Triangle
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Which is an important step in the alternate method for balancing equations in redox reactions?

Follow these 6 stepsNOTE: This is NOT the same as balancing a regular chemical reaction! Please see the related question to the bottom of this answer for how to balance a normal chemical reaction. This is for oxidation-reduction, or redox reactions ONLY!These instructions are for how to balance a reduction-oxidation, or redox reaction in aqueous solution, for both acidic and basic solution. Just follow these steps! I will illustrate each step with an example. The example will be the dissolution of copper(II) sulfide in aqueous nitric acid, shown in the following unbalanced reaction:CuS(s) + NO3-(aq) ---> Cu2+(aq) + SO42-(aq) + NO(g)Step 1:Write two unbalanced half-reactions, one for the species that is being oxidized and its product, and one for the species that is reduced and its product.Here is the unbalanced half-reaction involving CuS:CuS(s) ---> Cu2+(aq) + SO42-(aq)And the unbalanced half-reaction for NO3- is:NO3-(aq) --> NO(g)Step 2:Insert coefficients to make the numbers of atoms of all elements except oxygen and hydrogen equal on the two sides of each half-reaction.In this case, copper, sulfur, and nitrogen are already balanced in the two half-reaction, so this step is already done here.Step 3:Balance oxygen by adding H2O to one side of each half-reaction.CuS + 4 H2O ---> Cu2+ + SO42-NO3- --> NO + 2 H2OStep 4:Balance hydrogen atoms. This is done differently for acidic versus basic solutions.For acidic solutions: Add H3O+ to each side of each half-reaction that is "deficient" in hydrogen (the side that has fewer H's) and add an equal amount of H2O to the other side.For basic solutions: add H2O to the side of the half-reaction that is "deficient" in hydrogen and add an equal amount of OH- to the other side.Note that this step does not disrupt the oxygen balance from Step 3. In the example here, it is in acidic solution, and so we have:CuS + 12 H2O ---> Cu2+ + SO42- + 8 H3O+NO3- + 4 H3O+ --> NO + 6 H2OStep 5:Balance charge by inserting e- (electrons) as a reactant or product in each half-reaction.Oxidation: CuS + 12 H2O ---> Cu2+ + SO42- + 8 H3O+ + 8 e-Reduction: NO3- + 4 H3O+ + 3 e- --> NO + 6 H2OStep 6:Multiply the two half-reactions by numbers chosen to make the number of electrons given off by the oxidation step equal to the number taken up by the reduction step. Then add the two half-reactions. If done correctly, the electrons should cancel out (equal numbers on the reactant and product sides of the overall reaction). If H3O+, H2O, or OH- appears on both sides of the final equation, cancel out the duplication also.Here the oxidation half-reaction must be multiplied by 3 (so that 24 electrons are produced) and the reduction half-reaction must by multiplied by 8 (so that the same 24 electrons are consumed).3 CuS + 36 H2O ---> 3 Cu2+ + 3 SO42- + 24 H3O+ + 24 e-8 NO3- + 32 H3O+ + 24 e- ---> 8 NO + 48 H2OAdding these two together gives the following equation:3 CuS + 36 H2O + 8 NO3- + 8 H3O+ ---> 3 Cu2+ + 3 SO42- + 8 NO + 48 H2OStep 7:Finally balancing both sides for excess of H2O(On each side -36) This gives you the following overall balanced equation at last:3 CuS(s) + 8 NO3-(aq) + 8 H3O+(aq) ---> 3 Cu2+(aq) + 3 SO42-(aq) + 8 NO(g) + 12 H2O(l)

How can I find errata for the old SPI war game Atlantic Wall?

Here you go: And if the link does not work here is the errata............. Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!! casl_ent@hotmail.comATLANTIC WALL Clarifications and Addenda as of October 1978 for SPI's Atlantic WALL (as found on Addenda sheet included with Game) MAP: 1. The half-hexes to the east of hexes A2601 and A3601 should bear the TOWN symbol 2. Trevieres (C2619) should be a TOWN. 3. Hex B5633 is a WOODS hex. 4. The Allied Supply Pool on Map E is slightly covered when Map B is overlapped. Players should either draw their own Track or keep track of Points on a separate piece of paper. 5. Map E should have a 3900 hexrow. Note that the terrain for this hexrow exists, although the hexfield has not been superimposed on the map. COUNTER-MIX: 1. Ignore the "Countermix errata" at the end of the Scenario booklet. The following additional company-size units are considered attached to Panzer Lehr Division permanently: 3 MkIV(T), 2 MkVI(T), 1 JgV(T). 2. The U.S. DD Satterlee is missing. It is identical to other DD's. 3. The Strength of the French unit 10CD/3xx should be 2(1)6 (company size) 4. Five British "Assault Shr" tank companies are mistakenly back-printed with the Strengths 1-3-12. They should read 1-1-P. 5. The British "Cent" tank companies should be assault companies, back-printed with Strengths of 1-1-P. 6. British unit KRRC/50xx (Mech inf-8(4)12) is missing from the countermix. 7. British unit 46CD/3xx (Commando-6(2)6) is missing from the countermix. 8. 3 British "Assault Shr" tank companies should read "Assault F" (Flail, 1-2-12/1-1-P). RULES: [2.32] German Parachute Infantry should be Movement Class A1. [5.4, F.4] At the beginning of the Parachute Movement Phase, the Allied Player rolls one die for each airborne division on the map. Up to the limit of these die rolls, the Allied Player may bring back to full-strength any reduced parachute companies on the map, as long as these companies do not move during the Phase. [6.78] Note 3 should state "Class B units may not enter this terrain..." [8.1] Stacking restrictions during both the Invasion and Post-Invasion Stages are now as follows: 3 combat units in any non-beach hex and 12 combat units in any beach hex. [9.18] Class B units may only attack across River hexsides if they normally would be able to cross the River during movement. However, the Combat Strength of Class B units attacking across River hexsides is HALVED. [9.45] The maximum number of regimental integrity bonuses that may be awarded per defense is one. [9.51b] Machine-gun, armored engineer, bicycle infantry, parachute, and marine units should also be pictured. [9.51c] "Unparenthesized" should read "parenthesized" and vice versa. [9.51c] Ignore this Case if at least 3 Combat Strength Points of recon and/or mech infantry units are stacked with an unparenthesized unit. For example, if a 5-10-12 tank battalion were stacked with two 2(2)12 mech infantry companies, that stack meets the requirements of an Armor Superiority Bonus. [10.7] Artillery reinforcements landing on a sub-beach hex are considered Out of Battery. [13.14d] If an Allied division is "unsupported", all units of that division are immediately OUT OF SUPPLY, not out of communication. Thus, simply placing an HQ on its "U" side obviates the need to place OUT OF SUPPLY markers on all the division's units. They attack at half strength at all times when their HQ is unsupported. [13.19] Company units and German units directly subordinate to 7th Army HQ may trace supply to any Friendly HQ. [14.0] Only battalion-size units may build IP or entrenchments, including the engineer unit involved with a normal unit described in Case 14.2. [14.1] Improved Positions may never be built in Bocage hexes. In addition, entrenchments in Bocage hexes have the same effect as IP in non Bocage hexes. [15.4] In order for static units to build-up, they must be committed. [17.48] The reductions for Class B German units' Strategic Movement Allowances should be DOUBLED (i.e., -8 becomes -16). [17.6] N/F units may be allocated to missions during the day, and normal air units may be allocated to missions during Night Game-Turns (as long as no single unit is ever allocated to a mission during both Day and Night in a single day). However normal air units allocated to missions at Night have their Strengths HALVED (round fractions down). [18.4] The Allied Anti-Battery Segment and the German Anti-Ship Fire Segment continue to take place throughout the game, regardless of whether the Invasion Stage has ended. If this Stage has ended, the Allied Player may only bombard batteries. This fire does not have to be "planned", and the ship(s) that performs it may not fire (or have fired) during the same Game-Turn. After the Invasion Stage, this fire occurs only once during a Game-Turn (i.e., ignore the Second and Third Allied See Landing Phases). [18.44] Allied BB are only affected by fir from German 240 or 280 batteries. Allied CA and MN are only affected by fire from German 240, 280, 210, or 150 batteries. [18.46b] Add one to die roll if target adjacent to Friendly unit. [19.2] When the German Player is making Off-Map Movement die rolls during Night Game Turns, he must add one to his roll. [20.2] During the Replacement Segment of the Allied Movement Phase of Game-Turn Five, the Allied Player receives 12 extra Replacement Points. These points may be added to any HQ's on the map in any combination by simply replacing the HQ's existing replacement chit with one of greater strength. [23.54] British parachute companies that land off the eastern map edge are not eliminated. Instead, they are placed in a reduced condition in an 0001 hex of Map D. They must be placed in the hex in which they "exited" the map. [24.1] Airborne Division HQ's ALWAYS land safely by glider. [24.1] Glider battalions may not be broken down to land. [27.1] If the German Player ever occupies a sub-beach hex, all Allied demolition engineer points in that hex are eliminated. In addition, no reinforcements may land there. [29.29] In addition, the Allied Player receives a shift of one column to the right on the CRT for each flail tank unit participating in the attack. [32.0] Starting with Game-Turn Five, the Allied Player may declare that any Landing Beach has "failed". This declaration is made at the beginning of the Allied Invasion Stage. When an invasion has failed, incoming reinforcements for that beach are delayed 8 Game-Turns, and may be brought onto any other beach. All subsequent Mulberry die rolls are increased by TWO. All units that have landed on the beach that failed must remain - there is no evacuation. However, the Allied Player may begin to use the Ground Support Strengths of his air and naval units on the applicable map (of course, only if all the other Landing Beaches have reached their Gap Numbers). [32.1] The instant a beach reaches its Gap Number, the Allied Player is permitted a "free" Battalion Breakdown and Buildup Segment (of course, subject to all the restrictions of Case 15.2) SCENARIOS: [33.1] THE FALL OF CHERBOURG 1. German unit 2/729/243 should be 2/729/709. Unit EB/7Ar(I) should be EB/7Ar(R). 1 "75" battery should be set up in hex 1307, not 1303. 1/919/709*(I) sets up in 2711, not 2811. 2. U.S. 801/VII(T) should read 801/4xx(AT). Where called for, the U.S. Player should set up his units in hypothetical hexrow 3900 (see clarifications earlier) 3. Ignore Case 33.17c (see clarification earlier) [33.2] THE CAUMONT GAP 1. German setup changes are as follows: 38/2Pxx(R): 5514; 17PG(R): 5114. Both MkV companies of Panzer Lehr should be MkVI. 2. Allied setup changes are as follows: ES/56/50(I): 4006; SWB/56/50(I): 3906; GLO/56/50(I): 3805; DLI/151/50(I): 4001; DLI/51/50(I): 3902; DLI/151/50(I): 3802; all units of 7Axx: within 2 hexes of 3205. Omit all units of British 231st Brigade. Air unit 363 (P47) should be 362. 3. At the beginning of each German Player-Turn, this Player rolls the die once for 2nd Panzer Division and once for 3rd FL Division. The resulting number is the number of units from these respective divisions that may be moved normally for the remainder of the game. Not before these units have been "committed" may they be moved. [33.3] OPERATION "EPSOM" 1. All German infantry units of the 716th Division should start the game reduced. The German Player receives 10 entrenchment markers, not 6. All units of 21Pxx may trace supply to any Friendly HQ. 2. The British Player may receive all units of 4Ax. They are under the same setup restrictions as 43rd Division. Tank unit 144/3Ax should be 144/33Ax. 3rd Division should exclude 22D/3xx(Flail) from its setup. All units of 50xx may trace supply to any HQ. Artillery unit 19/I should read 6/I. [33.4] BLOODY OMAHA The designation "1T" on Easy Red-1 and Dog Red sub-beaches should read "1Dd". [33.5] GOLD, JUNO, SWORD 1. During the Invasion Stage, British commando units may land in battalion-size before the Gap Number is reached. They are never subject to drift die rolls, even if they land as normal assault units on a sub-beach hex. For stacking purposes, each unit equals 2 companies. They may never be pinned, although they are reduced by any "E" result by small arms fire. 2. The deployment of command units at the start of the game should be changed as follows: Roger, H-Hour: 4CD/3xx; Roger, 2nd Sea Landing Phase: 3CD/3xx; Roger, 3rd Sea Landing Phase: 6CD/3xx, 45CD/3xx (see Note 1). 47CD/50xx and 10CD/3xx may land on any Map D beach hex during H-Hour. 48CD/3xx may land on any beach hex during the 2nd Sea Landing Phase. 3. The "1T" designation on the following 3rd Sea Landing Phase sub-beaches should be "Cent" assault companies": Nan Green, Nan Red, Jig Red, and King Red. 4. Naval unit FLORES is a DD. 5. German commitment die rolls should be delayed ONE Game-Turn (i.e., the first die roll takes place on Game-Turn TWO, the second multiplied by two - on Game-Turn Three, etc.). [33.6] UTAH BEACH 1. German units 513/30x(R), 517/30x(R), and 518/30x(R) should setup on hex B5827. 2. The Allied naval unit SOEMBA is a DD. [33.7] CAMPAIGN GAME 1. Ignore all references to British commando units on the Reinforcement Schedule. On Game-Turn 5, 41CD/3xx(C) may arrive on Sword Beach, and 46/3xx(C) may land on Juno Beach. 2. The following German units are missing from the setup: 2/739/709(I): E1433; 561/243xx(I): E2141; 1/243xx(A): E2747; 709xx(R): E2211; 629/7Ar(I): E1135. SUGGESTED RULES ADDITIONS: A. FLAK 1. Using this rule, air units that are using their Ground Support Strengths against an Enemy unit may be fired upon by that Enemy unit. However when using this rule, the number of air units that may use their GS strengths against a hex is increased to 3 (see Case 17.34) 2. Each ground unit in the game possesses a Flak Rating: a: All company or static units (exception 2b): 0 b: German "88" companies: 2 c: All battalion units (exception 2d): 1 d: German "88" battalions: 3 e: HQ units or any hex with 3 hexes of an HQ: 3 3. Before any combat in which air units are participating is resolved, Flak must be performed. This is done by rolling a single die once for each air unit using its Ground Support Strength against the hex. Refer only to the HIGHEST-rated flak unit in the hex (or, if within 3 hexes, an HQ). All others are ignored. On a die roll equal to or less than this unit's Flak Rating, the air unit being rolled for is reduced (or, ir already reduced, eliminated). After these resolutions, the normal combat may take place. 4. No flak may take place at night. 5. When using this rule, both German and the Allied Player may replace one step of strength on any existing air unit during the AM Mutual Air Allocation Stage of odd-numbered days (not Game-Turns). This is performed simply by flipping any reduced air unit back onto its full strength side. B. ADVANCE AFTER COMBAT IN BOCAGE 1. Whenever an Enemy unit in a Bocage hex is being attack, the Owning Player may declare an "Accelerated Assault" (AA). 2. If an AA is declared, the attacking Player may ignore Case 9.93, which restricts advances after combat in Bocage. 3. If an AA is declared, the attacking Player's units are automatically disrupted at the conclusion of the attack. However, if the combat result calls for disruption or demoralization for the attacking units, there is no additional effect to these units. C. ENGINEERS 1. If an engineer unit of any size is stacked in the same hex as a non-engineer unit, and that stack of units is attacking an Enemy occupied hex, the attacking Player is permitted an "Engineer Combat Bonus." This Bonus allows the attacking Player to shift the ratio one to the right on the CRT. 2. Each individual combat is only permitted ONE Engineer Combat Bonus (i.e., a maximum on one shift to the right for this reason) 3. If the attacking Player is utilizing an Engineer Combat Bonus, then his participating engineer unit(s) must be the first of his units to take any losses in this combat should he suffer an adverse combat result. D. VARIABLE ALLIED REINFORCEMENTS 1. Using this rule, ignore the Allied Reinforcement Schedule (except for glider untis) after Garme-Turn Three. Instead every Allied unit on the Reinforcement Schedule that has not landed by the end of this Game-Turn is considered "available" for reinforcements. 2. Starting with Game-Turn Four, the Allied Player rolls a single die once for each Landing Beach on the map. This die roll takes place at the beginning of his Reinforcement Segment (even if a Landing Beach has not yet reached its Gap Number). The resulting die roll is the number of units that the Allied Player may choose from his "available" reinforcements to land during that Game-Turn on the the Landing Beach just rolled for. 3. If a Landing Beach has "failed", the Allied Player does not roll a die for this beach during his Reinforcement Segment. 4. During Heavy Overcast Game-Turns, halve the die roll for each Landing Beach (rounding fractions down). 5. During Store Game-Turns, no reinforcements may be landed by the Allied Player at all (i.e., no die rolls take place). 6. There are no restrictions with regard to which Landing Beach available reinforcements may be landed on. Units may be landed on any beach. E. ARMOR COMBAT OPTION 1. In an attack, any full-strength tank battalion may (at the Owning Player's option) instead utilize the Combat and Armor Strengths of its reduced side. This decision must be made by the attacking Player before ratio determination. However, note that the tank unit is not actually reduced by this decision. It may only be reduced if it takes step losses normally. 2. Example: A U.S. 5-10-12 tank battalion is stacked with two 2(1)6 infantry companies. Normally, this stack does not meet the requirements for an Armor Superiority Bonus. However, before the resolution of an attack, the U.S. Player states, "I am using the Strengths of the tank's reduced side." As such, for this combat, the unit becomes 2-5-12. The stack now meets the requirements for Armor Superiority. In the ensuing attack, the stack has a Combat Strength of SIX and an Armor Strength of FIVE. F. GAP BLOWING AT HIGH TIDE 1. Allied demolition engineers had limited capability to blow gaps underwater (i.e. at high tide). As a result, the Allied Player should be permitted to blow gaps during even-numbered Game-Turns. However, two is subtracted from all die rolls when blowing gaps during these Game-Turns (0 or -1 results always yield no gaps)

What must the rider who does not have the right of way do in an indoor or outdoor horse riding school- stop in the middle nothing it is up to the right of way rider to act go to the inside track?

go to the inside of the arena, pasing the horse going the opposite way by at least a metre. -18 1i 18 1i,18 1f 1l 22 24 32 2j 3u 2v 4l 3a 59 3r 65 4b 6v 54 7p 5t 8q 6q a4 7k ba 8g cj 9c ds af f3 bk gb cq hl e1 j1 f8 kd gh lq HQ n8 j8 om kr q1 mi ra ob sf q4 tg ru ud tp v5 vj vm 11d vv 136 101 14t vt 16j vm 17u vc 195 uu 1a3 uf 1am tv 1av tb 1b7 sq,1bk tc 1t0 te,1op 10d 246 1gl,1o1 17r 1nj 16s 1n5 15p 1mp 14r 1m5 13h 1ld 125 1kp 114,1rj vs 1ru 10g 1sd 115 1sq 11o 1tg 12i 1uc 13c 1vc 146 20h 153 21s 161 231 16r 249 17l 25i 18g 26t 19c 289 1a8 29n 1b5 2b5 1c1 2cl 1ct 2e6 1dp 2fn 1ek 2ha 1fc 2it 1g3 2ki 1gn 2m6 1h7 2nr 1hl 2pb 1hv 2qk 1i6 2ru 1ia 2t0 1ia 2u1 1i6 2v5 1hq 307 1ha 31c 1gm 32a 1g2 333 1ff 33p 1et 34d 1ec,34m 1f6 34k 1fv 358 1g5 35p 1fu 35k 1fc 352 1f3 34h 1f4 34i 1fn,357 1g4 358 1h3 359 1hu 35a 1il 35e 1j9 36c 1jo,35e 1j7 352 1jm,357 1gt 35q 1gj 369 1ga,356 1gs 34o 1gj 34a 1ge,35c 1fc 34j 1fu,38h 1gl 39f 1hi 3af 1ik 3b9 1jf 3bu 1kn 3cd 1lv 3ck 1na 3c0 1on 3aq 1pj 39g 1pu 384 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