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Q: Explain how you can use a hundred chart to subtract 12 from 49?
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How do you explain what a pace chart is and how you use it?

Explain what a pace chart is and how you use it. I can use grids to subtract 1.65 - 0.98 by shading in 1 whole and 6 tenths and 5 ones and cross out 9 tenths and also cross out 8 ones and then count how many are shaded without an x on it.

How can you use the hundred chart to solve the problem?

I am a number in the fourth row on the hundred chart my ones digit is twice my tens digit what number am I

Explain how to use hundredths grids to subtract 1.65-0.98?


How do you use a hundredths grids to subtract 1.65 - 0.98 explain?


How you would use front-end estimation to subtract 189 from 643 explain?


Explain how you would use front-end estimation to subtract 189 from 643?


What number is equally far from 210 and 820 explain how you can use a thousand chart to find the number?

The answer is (210 + 820)/2 = 515 I did not use a thousand chart - I don't even know what that is!

Explain the use of chart wizard in Microsoft Excel with the help 7 an example?

The Chart Wizard is an automated feature allowing you to create a chart by going through steps including selecting the data you want to chart and the type of chart you want, amongst other things.

Explain chart type chart tools and chart layout?

Chart types include ones like bar, pie, column, XY etc. Chart Tools include all the different categories of tools that you can use when working on a chart. Chart Type and Chart layout would be part of the Chart Tools. Chart layout is about how the chart looks, like what titles are on it, settings for the axis, legends and their positions on the chart etc.

Explain how would you separate the following mixtures you may use flow chart a NH4Cl from SiO2 b NH4Cl SiO2 and I2?

It is impossible to use a platform in this platform.

What numbers do you use to subtract to get 109?

You could use 110 and subtract 1.

What chart do you use to chart trends over time?

A line chart.