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Q: Explain with reason whether bus topology is active or passive?
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Ring topology is active or passive?

Ring topology is an active topology because each station has to recreate the packet.

What is the difference between the passive and active route status as displayed in an eigrp topology table?

Routes that are passive are waiting for the neighbor adjacency process to complete.

Is Token ring a passive or active network?

Token Ring is an active topology - each packet must be recreated as it goes from client to client.

Whether a capacitor is an active or a passive element?

Passive element. An active element is an element that can generate power. Capacitors can't generate power, hence they are passive elements.

What is central hub called in star topology?

in star topology , the central hub is called...... (i) active hub (ii) passive hub (iii) inactive hub (iv) live hub

What determines whether a membrane transport is active or passive?

In active transport, the cell has to provide energy for it to occur. The cell doesn't have to provide energy for passive transport.

What type of cell live longer unicellular or multicellular?

Explain Active and Passive transport.

What is active topology in network?

The Active topology functionally allow you to make element inactive (and chnage them back active again).

How you use 'Our' in passive voice?

Our has no bearing over whether a sentence is active or passive. It can be used in both. Active voice: A nice couple bought our house. Passive voice: Our house has been bought by a nice couple.

English grammar active and passive voice change from active to passive he would have kept the present can you change it into passive?

== == "English grammer active and passive voice change from active to passive .

I was driven here by my mum active or passive?


Is the cat was injured in a fight passive or active?

the cat was injured in a fight passive or active

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