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4 in 10 becomes 2 in 5 in its simplest form.

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Q: Express each ratio as a fraction in simplest form 4 goals in ten attempts?
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What player attempts field goals?

The kicker.

What is the percentage of 8 goals from 10 attempts?

percentage of 8 goals from 10 attempts =80%8/10 * 100% = 80%

Why do you have personal mission statements?

we have personal mission statements so that we can express our goals

What are often considered to be the practical limitations of mission statements?

we have personal mission statements so that we can express our goals

Who was the seattle seahawk's last year's kicker 2008?

Olindo Mare.Mare scored 102 points on 24 field goals (out of 27 attempts) and 30 PATs (out of 30 attempts).

3 major goals in writing?

The three major goals in writing can change based on the subject or type of piece written. To make the reader feel, to express a conflict, and how to find a solution are the general goals.

Why all functional managers need human resource management?

1.enables mangers to express their goals with specificity which increases workers comprehension of goals and provides necessary resources to promote successful accomplishment of goals.

If yoko scored 4 goals in her first 12 attempts what is the probability that she will score a goal on her next attempt?


Which Brazilian star led the 2002 FIFA World Cup with eight goals?

Ronaldo actually led the Brazilian team with 4 attempts and 3 successful goals during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The Brazilian team, as a whole, scored 8 goals. Ronaldo 4 attempts, 3 goals Cafu 1 attempt, 1 goal Roberto Carlos 2 attempts, 1 goal Gilberto Silva 1 attempt, 1 goal Rivaldo 1 attempt, 1 goal Ronaldihno 1 attempt, 1 goal Polga 1 attempt, 0 goals

A basketball player completed 43.9 percent of his field goals in the most recent season he made 289 field goals how many did he attempt?

43.9/100=289/x 289*100=43.9x 28900/43.9=attempts

What is Robbie Gould's FG percentage?

Through 15 games of the 2010 season, he has a career percentage of 85.4 (158 field goals in 185 attempts).

What are the three main goals of the government in its attempts to keep the economy running smoothly?

high employment, steady growth, and stable prices

How many field goals did Ali Haji-Sheikh make his rookie year?

35.In Haji-Sheikh's rookie season of 1983 for the New York Giants, he made 35 field goals in 42 attempts for an 83.3% accuracy.

What are graham ganos field goal stats in collegeat FlaSt?

Gano punted for the Seminoles between 2006-2008 and was the place kicker in 2008. He punted 147 times for a 42.1 average and kicked 24 field goals in 26 attempts and 33 PATs in 34 attempts.

How do you calculate a players field goal percentage?

Divide the number of field goal attempts by the number of field goals made. For example, if a player has attempted 300 field goals and made 135 field goals, you would divide 300 into 135. In the example, the player's field goal percentage would be .450 or 45 percent.

What is an example of propaganda in advertising?

Propaganda is different than persuasion. A propagandist is only interested in achieving his goals. Persuasion involves a dialogue between two parties. If I'm attempting to persuade you, I make my goals clear, state my case, listen to your concerns, adjust my goals as necessary, etc. Ideally, both sides win. That's not the case with propaganda, which is one-sided with the goals of the propagandist concealed. A propagandist attempts to achieve his goals at all costs.

What is the series of statements that express a party's beliefs?

I believe you mean a political party's platform which lists their main uniting beliefs and goals.

What is percentage o empty net goals when a team pulls goalie?

According to statistics I've read, about one in three times that the goalie is pulled, an empty net goal is scored. Extra attacker goals are scored at about 1/3rd that rate (1 in 9 or 10 attempts)

Who holds the record for most field goal attempts in a single season?

Most Field Goals Attempted, Season 52 David Akers, San Francisco, 2011

What is the definition of a stewardship report?

A report that accounts for all activities, undertaken as steward of a given article, resource, area or process, related to strategies to achieve stated stewardship goals. Measures of performance are included and linked to plans that express the desired goals.

If you worked on goals for 15 months what would the mixed number (in simplest terms) be to represent this time period?

1 and 1/4 years

How do you become a hockey goalie?

go along to you're nearest ice hockey team and express you're desires to play hockey in paticular to play in goals.

How do I come up with a business plan?

I would start by detailing what you want your business to be as well as outlining even the simplest of goals you have from said business. Then, go to your bank and they will be able to give you information on how to detail those goals and plans in greater depth.

Who holds the record for most field goals attempted in the super bowl?

Adam Vinatieri of the Patriots and Colts with 10 field goal attempts in 5 Super Bowls (XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX with the Patriots and XLI for the Colts). He also holds the record for most made field goals with 7.

The class collected 155 the goals is 775 what would the fraction be?

Place the number collected 155 over the goal of 775 to create the fraction of 155/775. Because 155 goes into 775 5 times, this can then be simplified to 1/5 or 20%.

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A basketball player completed 43.9 percent of his field goals in the most recent season he made 289 field goals how many did he attempt?

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