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6x8=48+3=51 51/8

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Q: Express six and three eigths as an improper fraction?
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How is three and three eighths written as an improper fraction?

three and three eigths = twenty-seven eigths

What is three eigths as a decimal?

87.5! No, it's not 87.5 because the only way you can get a whole number is if its an improper fraction, or a top heavy fraction and there is no way you can get 87.5, out of a regular fraction that's not improper or, as my teacher calls it, top heavy.

What is 1.375 as a fraction in its lowest term?

1 and three eigths

How do you put one and three eigths into a fraction?

1 3/8.

What is thirteen and three fifths as an improper fraction?

Thirteen and three fifths, as an improper fraction, is 68/5.

What is three and four sevenths in an improper fraction?

Three and four sevenths in an improper fraction is 17857/5000

What is one and three eighths as a fraction?

One and three eigths already is a fraction. If you want to convert a mixed fraction such as this one to an improper fraction, multiply the whole number by the denominator, and add the numerator. This will be the numerator of the result. Just copy the denominator (in this case 8) for the result. so basicly 11/8

Is three eight's an improper fraction?


What is the Improper fraction for three wholes and one half?

improper fraction f0r three wholes and one half = 7/2

How do you write four and three fourths as an improper fraction?

4 and three fourths, an improper fraction has a numerator that is larger than a denominator

What is 1 and 1 fourth as an improper fraction?


What is the improper fraction for 4 over 3?

The improper fraction for 4 over three is 4/3.

How do you write three into thirds as an improper fraction explain?

Three thirds is an integer, not a fraction.

How do you write three and three eighths as an improper fraction?

33/8 an improper fraction = (8*3 + 3)/8 = 27/8.

What is the improper fraction for three and three tenths?


What is three and a half as an improper fraction?

3 1/2 as an improper fraction is 7/2.

What is the improper fraction of 7 and three over fourths?

7 and 3/4 as an improper fraction is 31/4

What is six and three fourths as an improper fraction?

The numerator of the improper fraction is 4*6 + 3 = 27 and the denominator is the same as for the mixed fraction. So, the improper fraction is 27/4.

What is the answer if you change three into an improper fraction?


What is three and five sixths equal to?

it's equal to a improper fraction , all you have to do is turn it into a improper fraction and you will get 23/6.

What is an improper fraction for ten thirds?

Ten thirds is an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it would be three and one-third.

How do you write three and three fourths as an improper fraction?


Is four over three an example of a proper fraction?

No, that's an improper fraction.

How can you use a number line to order two eighths seven eighth three eights and five eighths form greatest to least?

start with zero eigths then one eigths, two eigths..... the farther from the zero the greater the fraction value.

How do you write eight and five sixths as an improper fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction, this is equal to 53/6 or fifty-three sixths.