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Probably not. But there is not enough information in the question to be certain.

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Q: F equals yy is a point of intersection of two parallel lines?
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What does not have a point of intersection?

Two parallel lines, a plane and a line in a plane parallel to it.

How can be determined intersection point of two parallel lines?

Very simple. Two parallel lines do not intersect.

What is the intersection point of the lines 2x plus y equals 2 and -3x-2y equals -6?

The intersection is (-2, 6)

What does point mean from a drafter's stand point?

It is the intersection of two co-planar non-parallel lines.

Why can three coplanar lines have zero one two or three points of intersection?

If all three lines are parallel, there are zero points of intersection. If all three lines go through a point, there is one point of intersection. If two lines are parallel and the third one crosses them, there are two. If the three lines make a triangle, there are three points.

What is the common point at which two lines meet?

point I believe the word you're looking for is "intersection". Two non-parallel lines that lie in the same plane will have one point in common where they cross, and that point is the intersection.

What is the point of intersection of the lines 6y equals -x -25 and 6x plus 20.5 -y equals 0?

It works out that the point of intersection is at (-4, -3.5) on the Cartesian plane.

Do two perpendicular lines intersect?

yes... In fact, any two lines on the same plane that are not parallel will share a point of intersection.

What lines form acute or obtuse angles at point of intersection?

An line that is not perpindicular to the other line makes an acute or obtuse angle Oblique lines are not parallel or perpendicular which would be lines that form acute or obtuse angles at the point of intersection.

What is the point of intersection between two lines called?

The point of intersection.

What is at the intersection of the equator and the tropic of cancer?

There is no intersection. These two imaginary lines are parallel. Every point on the Tropic of Cancer is 23.5 degrees from the equator, no more and no less. The lines don't meet.

What are lines that form right angles at their point of intersection?

Perpendicular Lines form right angles at their point of intersection

What is the intersection of two lines?


What is the intersection of a two line?

If the lines are identical, then the whole lines. If not they can either not meet at all or at a single point: the point of intersection.

What does the intersection of two lines occur at?

A point.

How many points of intersection do two perpendicular lines have?

Any two lines can only have one point of intersection. Unless they are parallel, in which case they do not intersect at all. If they are the same line, then they intersect at an infinite number of points.

What are concurrent lines?

They are lines with a common point of intersection. <3

What is a Lines that form right at their point of intersection?

They are perpendicular lines

What is the place where two lines cross or intersect?

It is usually called an intersection or an intersection point.

What is intersection of two coplanar lines?

a point

A point where 2 lines meet?

An intersection.

What is a point where two lines meet?


When two lines intersect the intersection is a?


Lines that meet at the same point?


What is the meeting of two lines in a point?