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Q: Factor completely and check mentally 40n squared plus 64n?
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How do you factor this completely 6a²-8ab plus 2a?

6a squared-8ab+2a factor completely and check mentally

Factor completely and check mentally 15x squared plus 5x?

5x(3x + 1)

Factor completely and check mentally 15a - 25b plus 20?

Factor completely and check mentally 10a^2+20a

Factor completely and check mentally 4a plus 8b-16c?


Factor completely and check mentally?


Factor completely and check mentally -15x2 plus 5x?

-5x(3x - 1)

Completely factor and check mentally 40n2 64n?

40n^2 + 64n = n(40n + 64) = 8n(5n + 8)

Factor completely and check mentally 4x2yz plus 2xy2z plus 2xyz?

4x2yz + 2xy2z + 2xyz = 2xyz(2x + y + 1) Not sure what check mentally entails.

How do you factor 4a plus 8b 16c?

With the factor 4a plus 8b 16c you can find the answer and check it mentally. You would first have to find he product of all the numbers to find the value of the letter A.

What is 6 squared times eight squared?

48, check with a calculator for help.

How do you solve 5x squared minus 12x plus 10 equals x squared plus 10x?

Subtract the stuff on the right from the stuff on the left. Get 4x2 - 22x + 10 = 0 Factor that. 2(x - 5)(2x - 1) = 0 x = 5, 0.5 Check it. 125 - 60 + 10 = 25 + 50 (75 = 75) Check. 1.25 - 6 + 10 = 0.25 + 5 (5.25 = 5.25) Check.

How do you factor trinomials?

you do 2 sets of parenthesis and check it. for example: w2(w squared)-7w-8 (w+1) (w-8) *if you add 1w and -8w you will get -7w, which is what they want you to get. and w & w multiply to get w2(w squared), which is also what the factoring wants. another example: 3w2 (3w squared)+2-8 (3w-4) (w+2) *same thing applies with 3w x w = 3w2, and -4 +2=2, which is the answer. use this theory in all of them, unless there is a greatest common factor (GCF).