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14x2 - 39x - 35 = (7x + 5)(2x - 7)

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Q: Factorise 14x squared minus 39x minus 35?
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What is eight x-squared minus thirty-nine x plus forty-five?

8x2-39x+45 = (8x-15)(x-3) when factored

What is -90 - 39x plus 3x squared factored?

3x2-39x-90 = (3x+6)(x-15) when factored

Which expression is equivalent to 54 plus 39x-60?


what is 2x plus 39x?

This is 41x

What is the gcf of 39x squared y cubed and 26xy to the fourth?

39x2y326xy4The gcf is 13xy3 .

What is 2x plus 39x equals?


14x2 - 39x - 35?

(2x - 7)(7x + 5)

Solve 2x 39x?

2x - 3= 9 x=

How do you solve X-2x equals 3x-43x plus 1?

For x-2x= 3x-43x+1 x-2x= -x and 3x-43x+1 = -40x+1 so -x= -40x+1 subtract -x from both sides 0= -39x +1 -1 = -39x so 1=39x so x=1/39

How do you solve 2-39x-50 equals 4 plus x?

2 - 39x - 50 = 4 + x -39x - 48 = 4 + x Add 39 x to both sides: -48 = 4 + 40x Subtract 4 from both sides: -52 = 40x Divide both sides by 40: x = -1.3

How do you factor 35x2-39x plus 10?

(7x - 5)(5x - 2)

What is a factor of 20x2-39x plus 18?

(4x - 3)(5x - 6)

What is the factorization of the trinomial 14x2-39x-35?

(7x + 5)(2x - 7)

What is the answer for 42x-3y-35y-3x in distributive property form?

-38y - 39x (Is that what you were asking for?)

What is 10x-54-5-39x 72-21x 53?

They are three disjoint expressions.

What is the polynomial of 14x2-39x-35?

It is a quadratic expression and when factored it is: (7x+5)(2x-7)

What is the greatest common factor of 26y-39x and 13xy?

The Greatest Common Factor (GCF) is 13.

What is the factorization of the trinomial below 14x2 - 39x - 35?

It is (7x+5)(2x-7) when factored

Write a function rule to calcuate the cost of buying bananas at 39 cents a pound?


What are the factors of 12x2-39 plus 9?

If that's -39x, it factors to 3(x - 3)(4x - 1)

What equation is equivalent to 3[x + 3(4x โ€“ 5)] = 15x โ€“ 24?

39x - 45 = 15x - 24

2x plus 3 9 x?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "divided by", "equals".

What math problem equals 39?

In math, anything can equal 39. for example, x+40=39 if x= -1 and 13x=39 if x=3. Even the derivative of 39x is equal to 39.

How do you simpify 4x plus 7x plus 11?

you multiply 4 and 7 and keep the x so it would be 28x and then add 11 and you get 39x

Write each factor as a polynomial in descending order 14x2 - 39x - 35?

(7x + 5)(2x - 7)(2x-7)(7x+5)