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when police pull someone over they will always touch the back of the persons

car in order to leave finger prints in case something were to happen to them

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Q: Facts about police officers
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Are cops police officers?

Yes they are police officers.

Are auxiliary police officers officer of the court?

No. Auxiliary police officers are not officers of the court.

How are Police officers paid?

Police officers are paid by the hour.

What are facts about Sydney Australia?

there are 13 McDonalds in Sydney Sydney was the first to hire female police officers

Why do police officers use steroids?

Your question assumes facts not in evidence. If you are aware of officers using illegal drugs, it should be reported to the proper authorities, not bantered on a website.

Are police officers friendly?

no police officers can take you away from family and friends

Do police officers work on holidays?

Yes. There are always police officers available.

Are police officers federal?

There are police officers at every level of government. Federal, state, county, city and agencies all can have sworn police officers.

How many women police officers are on the Detroit Police department?

768 Women working as police officers in the Detroit Police Department.

How many officers in Philadelphia police?

The Philadelphia Police Department has a authorized strength of 6600 Sworn Police Officers.

Are police officers and police detectives the same job?

no a detective is a higher rankin

How many police officers in Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia Police Department has a authorized strength of 6600 Sworn Police Officers.

What is the difference between past and present police officers?

Past officers no longer have the authority of presently serving police officers.

What are badge bunnies?

Women who date police officers only because they are police officers.

What equipment do Queensland police officers wear?

What equipment do Queensland police officers wear?

Why is good to have police officers in the world?

police officers keep order and stability in a community

How many police officers are on the Chicago police department?

There are about 13,400 sworn police officers and 1,850 other employees in the Chicago Police Department.

What is the average education of police officers?

The average education of most police officers is an associates degree. Many police officers have no more than a high school education.

How many police officers in the US are women?

As of 2007, there are about 4,000 female state police officers, 19,400 female sheriffs' deputies, and 55,300 female police officers.

Would police officers have meetings in the prison?

Police officers are more likely to meet at the police station, than in the prison.

Who trains police dogs?

the police officers

What does a police officers uniform have on it?

police badge

What are little known facts about police?

An interesting fact about police officers is that they are called cops because they used to have copper buttons on their uniforms. Their vests are also not bulletproof, but are resistant to bullets.

How many police officers are on the San Jose police department?

1360 Officers of all ranks.

How many sworn officers are in West milwaukee'S police department?

17 Sworn Police Officers

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