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the family group of the triangle is percussion.

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Q: Facts about triangles
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Related questions

What are facts about triangles?

They have three sides and three angles

What angle facts are there on triangles?

i dont know u tell me

Is it true that two triangles have 3 pairs of congruent angles then the triangle are not guaranteed to be congruent?

When two triangles are congruent, there are 6 facts that are true about the triangles. The triangles have 3 sets of congruent (of equal length) sides and the triangles have 3 sets of congruent (of equal measure) angles.

How do you join triangles to make quadrilaterals?

go to math facts dot com go to math facts dot com

Why is a triangle a regular polygon?

This question is based on a misunderstanding of facts. A triangle can be but need not be a regular polygon. In fact most triangles are not regular: only equilateral triangles are.

How many triangles are on the Epcot Ball in Disney World?

There are 11,324 triangles in the Epcot structure Spaceship Earth. A link can be found below to check facts and learn more.

What are facts about regular triangles?

In a equilateral triangle (or regular triangle) the three sides have equal length.

Are some isosceles triangles equilateral triangles?

Yep. All equilateral triangles are isosceles triangles.

Unusual facts about Pythagoras?

Pythagoras is widely remembered for his theorem, which gave us lots of information about triangles that can be widely used in real life and geometry.

What are facts about acute triangles?

1. They have to be between the degrees of 1 and 89. 2. They are a-cute kind of triangle. 3. You'd have to be obtuse to think otherwise.

How many triangles in star of David?

If it is in the form of two inverted triangles, then there are 8 triangles. If only the outline is used, there are 0 triangles.

Do all triangles have right angle?

No. Only right triangles do, and not all triangles can be right triangles. Equilateral triangles, for example, are always 60°-60°-60°. Isosceles and scalene triangles can be right triangles; all isosceles triangles have the additional useful property of being able to be split into two right triangles.

Are all equilateral triangles acute triangles?

Yes all equilateral triangles are acute triangles, but not all acute triangle are equilateral triangles.

Are Triangles equilateral triangles?

Triangles are equilateral triangles only when all of their 3 sides are equal in lengths.

Some isosceles triangles are equilateral.?

All isosceles triangles are not equilateral triangles

Some isosceles triangles are not equilateral.?

All isosceles triangles are not equilateral triangles

How many triangles are in a 5x5 grid?

depends on what size triangles and what kind of triangles?

How many triangles are in 1 triangles?

there are 27 triangles in a triangle

Some equilateral triangles are not isosceles.?

All isosceles triangles are not equilateral triangles

Can planes be triangles in geometry?

Well...... Actually, planes would be considered triangles in geometry because triangles are triangles.

What is triangle x 27?

27 triangles.27 triangles.27 triangles.27 triangles.

Are all triangles semmetrical?

No. But all isosceles triangles and equilateral triangles are.

How many triangles are in a triangle with 25 triangles inside?

48 triangles

All isosceles triangles are also equilateral triangles?

No. All equilateral triangles are isosceles, but not all isosceles triangles are equilateral.

What are a score or more facts relevant to triangles?

They are as follows:- 1 Triangles are 2 dimensional polygon shapes 2 Triangles have 3 sides 3 Triangles may have acute angles greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees 4 Triangles may have right angles which are 90 degrees 5 Triangles may have obtuse angles greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees 6 Triangles have 3 interior angles that add up to 180 degrees 7 Triangles have 3 exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees 8 Triangles can be scalene which have 3 acute angles 9 Triangles can be right angled with a 90 degree angle and 2 acute angles 10 Triangles can be obtuse with 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles 11 Triangles can be isosceles with 2 equal angles and another angle 12 Triangles can be equilateral with 3 equal angles of 60 degrees 13 Triangles have no diagonals 14 Triangles will tessellate 15 Triangles have lines of symmetry when they are isosceles or equilateral 16 Triangles have perimeters which is the sum of their 3 sides 17 Triangles have areas which is 0.5*base*altitude 18 Triangles can be used with Pythagoras' theorem if they are right angled 19 Triangles can be used in conjunction with trigonometry 20 Triangles are found in all other polygons 21 Triangles and their properties were known by the ancient Greeks 22 Triangles can be made into musical instruments