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x-18=5 times -5




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Q: Find a number which decreased by 18 is 5 times its opposite?
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What is a number decreased from 250 to 195 find the rate of decreased?

Anong iilalalagay ko plus o times

Six times a number decreased by seven is equal to the number increased by 38. find the number?


One half a number is 12 more than 2 times the number what is the number?

Thirty decreased by three times a number is six less than three times the number. Find the number.

When half of a number is decreased by 24 the result is 95 find the number?


What number divided by five equals 10?

The opposite of dividing is multiplying. To find your number, work backwards. Multiply 10 times 5. That is your number.

How do you calculate what percentage a number was decreased?

A percentage is a portion of 100. so to find the calculation of a decreased percentage, you subtract.

When the quotient of 3 and a number is decreased by 10 the result is 19 Find the number?


What does 35 decreased by a number is 15 mean?

35 - some number = 15 and usually you are required to find the number.

Write an equation for three times a number increased by 32 is the same as four times the number decreased by 15 Find the nu?

3x+32=4x-15 3x-4x=-15-32 x=-47

Does a decimal have a opposite?

No. A decimal is a way of representing a quantity so that the place value of each digit is ten times the place value of the number to its right. So the opposite would be to find a way not to represent a number?! What is the point of that?

Four times a number decreased by 10 is 38 Find the number?

4n - 10 = 38 (add 10 to both sides)4n = 48 (divide by 4 to both sides)n = 12

What number have opposite that are different from their absolute value?

Find the absolute value of -3 plus the opposite of -3?

How do you find the opposite of a decimal number?

The answer depends on what you mean by "opposite": whether it is the additive inverse or the multiplicative inverse.

A number has been decreased by 12 the result is -5 find the original number?


Find the opposite and the reciprocal of the number 500?


How do you find the percentage of a decreased number?

% decrease = |original value - new value|/original value * 100%

A factory had 200 workers last year. This year, the number of workers was decreased by 8%. Find the number of workers after the decrease?

Firstly, I would find the value of 1%, which you can get by dividing the number by 100. Now that we know that the 1% is 2, because 200/100 is 2, we can then multiply 1% by 8 to get 8%. Thus, the amount of workers decreased by 16.

What does 4 decreased by a number x mean?

The phrase "4 decreased by a number x" means that you are subtracting some number from the number 4, but you do not know what number you are subtracting. The number x is an unknown, that you are trying to find means:4 - x

The opposite of any number is?

The purpose of finding the opposite of a number is to find its absolute value. This is how much less or greater it is than zero and how much it needs to return to zero.

How do you find a number that is decreased by a percent?

you multiply that number by the percent as a decimal. Say you want to take 20% of ten. Then you would go .2x10 and get 2.

Can you use the same multiplication fact to find 3 times 80 and 4 times 60 explain?

Yes because one number has been increased by a 1/4 while the other number has been decreased by a 1/4 So 3*80 = 240 and 4*60 = 240

Find a number that is 38 less than its opposite?

Answer -19

How do you find 1 fifth of a number?

times the number by 0.2

A number c decreased 9 is less then or equal to 2o find c?

c is less than or equal to 29

The sum of a number and three times another number is 18. find the numbers if their product is a maximum?

"The sum of a number and three times another number is 18. find the numbers if their product is a maximum?"