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75, b/c |-75|+|75|= 150

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Q: Find a number which is 150 greater than it's opposite?
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Is the opposite of a number greater than a number?


Is every number greater than its opposite?


Is every number greater than its oppisites?

It is not clear what you mean by "oppisites" or even opposite. Often a number is the opposite of its opposite. So if the first is greater than the second, the second, which is the opposite of the first, is smaller than the first.

The opposite of any number is?

The purpose of finding the opposite of a number is to find its absolute value. This is how much less or greater it is than zero and how much it needs to return to zero.

What is a number that is 96 greater than its opposite?


Is the square root of a number greater than the square of the number?

Yes, if the number is less than '1'.Just the opposite, if the number is greater than '1'.

Six times a number is 35 greater than the opposite of the number. What is the number?


What number is 130 greater than its opposite?

Assuming "opposite" refers to additive inverse, the answer is +65.

Will a opposite number ever be greater than it's self?

An additive opposite cannot but a multiplicative opposite can.

Is it true that the absolute value of a number is always greater than its opposite?

No. They are the same.

What is the opposite of less than equal sign?

The opposite of less than or equal to is greater than or equal.And also:The opposite of greater than or equal to is less than or equal.

Will the opposite of a number always sometimes or never be greater than the number itself?

Sometimes. Also, when depends on what you mean by "opposite": the additive inverse or the multiplicative inverse.